Temperature Probes & Parts

High accuracy RTD (resistive thermal device) temperature probes, available pre-assembled (ready to use) or in DIY kit form (assembly and soldering required). These also remain more accurate over time (less drift which means less re-calibration) as compared to K-type thermocouple probes. For ultimate protection cables include two layers of sleeving, a stainless steel wire rope with 150 lb break strength, and high quality 3:1 ratio heat shrink tubing. Detachable for easy cleaning, available in custom lengths and colours. Our cables can be mixed and matched with any of our probe tips. Water-resistant/splash-proof silicone caps included with all temperature probes.

Metric (straight), NPT (tapered), and Tri-Clover are available along with replacement cables and probe tips.

See our Electric Brewery temperature probe build instructions to build your own.

What temperature probes do I need and how many?

If you're building your brewery following our instructions, order one M14x1.5 Metric with 2" probe length for the Boil Kettle and two 1/2" NPT with 1.5" probe length for the Hot Liquor Tank and Mash Lauter Tun, in whatever colours you prefer.