Fizz-X wort agitating rod

Fizz-X wort agitating rod

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After the wort is boiled and cooled with the chiller, it must be aerated in order to re-introduce dissolved oxygen to help the yeast thrive and ferment properly. A lack of dissolved oxygen can result in an incomplete or stalled fermentation.

There are many methods available to aerate wort. The simplest, practiced by many home brewers, simply involves vigorously shaking or stirring the wort.

We employ a similar method using a Fizz-x agitating rod (similar to a paint stirrer) on the end of a hand drill as it takes less time (approximately 90-120 seconds). The trick is create a large funnel and churn air into the wort by making sure the nylon rods on the end are partially exposed to air. After there will be many inches of thick/dense foam on top of the wort. This method requires a minimal amount of cleaning or maintenance.

These agitating rods are sold under various names such as 'Degas-X', 'Fizz-X', and 'Brewgas Whizz Stick' and were originally sold for de-gassing wine. Made out of stainless steel and nylon, they are durable and easy to clean and sanitize.

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