Stainless steel bi-metal thermometer, 1/2" NPT male, 2.5" probe


We use this thermometer on the output side of the counterflow chiller so that we can monitor the temperature of the cooled wort. For more information see our Wort Chiller guide. Can also be used on any kettle that has a 1/2" NPT female fitting.

Large 3" easy to read face with bi-metal technology for fast response to temperature changes and increased accuracy. Be careful purchasing less expensive 'budget' thermometers as they will tend to stick (requiring frequent finger taps), not offer a calibration screw, and not be as accurate across the temperature range.


  • All stainless construction
  • Fast response to temperature changes
  • Hermetically sealed (moisture proof)
  • 1% full scale accuracy
  • Easily calibrated with a flat head screwdriver
  • 316 stainless steel stem material
  • 3" easy to read face
  • Temperature range: 20-240F / 0-110C

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