24x48" stainless steel commercial work table with backsplash

24x48 inch stainless steel commercial work table with backsplash

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We use two 24x48" stainless steel work tables with backsplash (shown in picture) in our brewery as work surfaces. This is in addition to the 24x60" stainless work table that is used to hold our three 20 gallon kettles.

The gauge (thickness) of the stainless used on the work surfaces is not critical. The difference between 16 and 18 gauge (for example) is only 0.008" and does not add anything significant to the load bearing capabilities of the table. It's the structure underneath that counts. That said, thicker 16 gauge tables tend to be built with stronger support structures so generally speaking the thicker the stainless the more the table can hold. This will be reflected in the table's maximum capacity rating.

Bottom shelves come in both stainless steel or less expensive galvanized steel. Both work just fine. Our tables all have lower shelves made from galvanized steel. Some restaurants may require stainless to be used throughout their food prep areas for regulatory reasons.

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