Belgian Candi Syrup (Extra Dark D-180)

Belgian Candi Syrup (Extra Dark D-180)

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A premium extra dark Belgian style Candi Syrup. It has the unmistakable flavours of rich toffee, subtle notes of anise, hints of dark chocolate, dark stone fruit, and toasted bread. D-180 is the basis for the perfect cloning of Westvleteren 12, Rochefort 10, and many other dark Belgian Ales.

Made with pure Beet sugar so it adds fermentable sugars without greatly increasing body.

Approximately 180 SRM (133° L) in colour. Note that many sellers incorrectly state that this product is 180° L in colour based on a manufacturer typo on the original packaging. In 2014 the manufacturer corrected their packaging changing 180° L to 180 SRM (as shown in the picture), but many sellers still use the old picture. We confirmed with the manufacturer that this product has always been 180 SRM.

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