Black (Patent) malt (470-600L)

Black (Patent) malt (470-600L)

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The intense roasted coffee and cocoa flavours of black (patent) malt adds depth and complexity to dark beers including Brown Ales, Stouts, Porters and more. The high roasting carries some bitterness and acidity.

Black patent malt is a greatly misunderstood malt that gets a bad reputation simply because most sellers using the same misleading description: "Black malt lends a very sharp, acrid, burnt flavour whose harshness is beyond that of both chocolate malt and roasted barley". Many sources advise brewers that it should only be used very sparingly, that it can even sometimes taste like ash. This is an unfair description as it can also show a deep fruity character reminiscent of currants, blackberries or sultanas. It gives deep contrast to a round malty beers. It can also provide a drying quality that brightens up the finish of any beer.

Approximately 470-600° L in colour.

Often simply called "black malt".

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