Blichmann HopBlocker

Blichmann HopBlocker

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Blichmann offers a boil kettle hop filter called the HopBlocker (shown in picture) that looks promising but has a few caveats: Before draining, the HopBlocker requires the brewer to whirlpool (quickly stir to form a funnel) at the end of the boil and then wait 15-20 minutes to ensure that as much hop and hot break material as possible settles in a cone at the bottom center of the kettle. Then near the end of draining as the HopBlocker becomes exposed they recommend carefully pulling up the shield to expose the finer mesh at the bottom and to finishing draining at a reduced rate.

We prefer to have the option to start draining the kettle immediately after the boil to better lock in those bright late addition hop flavours, so we use a Hop Stopper instead. No settling time required, no whirlpool required, and no shield at near boiling temperatures to mess with.

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