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Milwaukee MA871 digital refractometer

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Like glass hydrometers, digital refractometers are usually also waterproof, but are much more rugged and like optical refractometers only require a few drops to take a reading (instead of an entire test jar). 

Recommended models include the Milwaukee MA871 (shown in picture) or Hanna 96801, both of which read to 85% Brix (Specific Gravity of 1.462) which is well beyond anything any beer or wine maker will ever need to measure. Also available is the Hanna 96811 which reads to 50% Brix (Specific Gravity of 1.233) and the Hanna 96841 which reads to 30 Plato (Specific Gravity of 1.129), both of which are still higher than any beer or wine that may be produced. Other specifications and features are the same between the four models (not surprising given their identical appearance other than colour - they are likely based off the same base unit and simply have different branding).

For more information see our Measuring Gravity guide.

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