We've had various home breweries since the late 1980s. The pictures below are from our newest basement with a new dedicated brewery that also featured a home theater, wet bar, wine storage, lounge, bathroom, and sauna. Completed in early 2013, this design resulted in a GOHBA housing design award for basement renovation.

This new brewery uses identical equipment as first published in our build instructions in 2009, but we now have considerably more room to work in and the brewery has been combined with fermentation, conditioning, and serving.

Brewing an experimental beer in The Electric Brewery

Redesigned basement brewery

Brewing a Russian Imperial Stout in our basement Electric Brewery

Weighing out and milling grain in The Electric Brewery

Milling grain in The Electric Brewery

HLT water coming up to temperature

Mashing in The Electric Brewery

The Electric Brewery boil kettle with heating element and Hop Stopper

Vigorous boil underway in The Electric Brewery

Massive amount of hops waiting to go in the boil for a hop stand

West Coast IPA brewed on The Electric Brewery in custom can glass

Storing a keg of beer in our conditioning fridge in The Electric Brewery

View from the basement bar into the brewery

View from the basement bar into the brewery area

Serving beer in the Electric Brewery

Kolsch on tap in the basement bar

View from the basement bar into the lounge and home theater areas

View across the basement lounge back into the bar

View across the basement home theater into the lounge and bar

Basement bathroom with urinal, shower, and sauna

Basement sauna

The Electric Brewery Basement floorplan

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