German Hallertau hops

German Hallertau hops

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Noble German hop with a mild aroma, slightly fruity and spicy, flowery and haylike.

Ideal for aroma and flavour in any German beer, and is also suitable for use in other Continental styles, Belgian ales and lagers.

Note that Hallertau is technically a growing region in Germany and not a specific hop variety. Many publications however (including our website) use the name to denote the signature noble German hop Hallertau Mittlefruh or the newer disease resistant offspring Hallertau Hersbrucker. The Hallertau region grows many other types of hops as well of course. Do not simply use any hop with the word "Hallertau" in the name as it may not be the original signature hop but something with completely different flavours and properties.

Typical alpha: 3.0-5.0%

Possible substitutions: Liberty, Tettnanger, Mt. Hood, Vanguard, Tradition

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