Immersion chiller

Immersion chiller

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For chilling wort after the boil as it's pumped to our fermenter(s) we use and recommend a convoluted counterflow chiller instead of an immersion chiller (shown in picture) as immersion chillers cannot be used with a hop back (such as the Blichmann HopRocket), use more water, and the chilling is slower. For more information see our Wort Chiller guide.

We do use an immersion chiller however in some situations, such as taking the post boil wort down to hop stand temperature, as is done with our Electric Hop Candy (NEIPA) recipe. No need for anything fancy in this case - even the cheapest 25 foot x 3/8" immersion chiller will only take 2-3 minutes to chill 10 gallons from boiling (212F) down to hop stand temperature (160-180F). This is a much simpler solution for us than recirculating the wort through our existing convoluted counterflow chiller as a second recirculation port is not required on the kettle (more protrusions into the boil kettle which complicates cleaning). Both solutions work however.

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