KBWC-15K fan control from KB Electronics

KBWC-15K fan control from KB Electronics

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When we moved and rebuilt our brewery we had complete control over the build of the room so instead of a 3-speed Lutron fan control, we used a KBWC-15K fan control from KB Electronics (shown in picture).

This industrial fan control offers infinitely variable speed motor control (instead of only 3 speeds like the Lutron), does not cause the motor to hum (just like the Lutron model), and comes in a stainless finish with matching wall plate and knob for installation in a single gang electrical box. We installed this directly in the wall beside our control panel, feeding an outlet hidden above our hood to power our Vortex VTX600 fan.

If you can't find this exact model number, many of the other models will work: In the model name "KBWC-xyyK", x signifies the fan voltage (1=120VAC, 2=240VAC, 3=277VAC), yy is the maximum fan amperage supported, and the K suffix indicates that a mounting kit is included with dial plate, knob, mounting screws, wire connectors and instructions.

As our 120V Vortex VTX600 fan only draws 0.8 amps, models KBWC-13K, KBWC-15K, KBWC-16K, KBWC-18K, KBWC-110K, KBWC-112K, and KBWC-115K will all work.

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