Milwaukee MW102 pH meter

Milwaukee MW102 pH meter

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The Milwaukee MW102 pH meter (shown in picture) has been getting rave reviews from brewers and is an alternative to the portable Hanna Phep 5 pH meter. The separate pH and temperature probes on the Milwaukee allow you to take a temperature reading before submersing the (typically more fragile) pH probe.

The Milwaukee reads to 0.01 pH resolution (+/- 0.02 pH accuracy), includes 2-point calibration for greater accuracy, a built in thermometer, and automatic temperature compensation up to 122F. The temperature probe can read slightly higher temperatures, up to 158F. (Note that as of this writing the Milwaukee website states that automatic temperature compensation is available up to 158F. In speaking to their engineers they indicated that this is incorrect: The max 158F temperature is only for the temperature probe and not the pH probe).

The electrode (tip) is replaceable. Once the readings start to jump around, it's time to replace it. See Milwaukee SE220 replacement electrode.

While the Milwaukee is considered bench-top, it's still small enough to be handheld.

For more information see our Measuring pH guide.

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