Milwaukee MW600 dissolved oxygen meter

Milwaukee MW600 dissolved oxygen meter

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Different equipment, wort gravity, wort temperature, and even fermenter geometry means that dissolved oxygen levels are difficult to predict and can never be guaranteed. Want to know how much dissolved oxygen you actually have in your wort after aeration / oxygenation? Use a dissolved oxygen meter. We recommend the Milwaukee MW600 (shown in picture). It uses a polarographic probe (no stirring or agitation is required) and supports two-point manual calibration and automatic temperature compensation for greater accuracy.

The probe uses an oxygen-permeable polytetrafluroethylene (PTFE) membrane sensor that requires periodic replacement. When it becomes wrinkled or has stretch marks, it's time to replace it. See Milwaulkee MA841 spare membrane. We suggest picking up an extra bottle of Milwaukee MA9071 oxygen electrolyte solution (used for calibration) at the same time.

For more information see our Aerating / Oxygenating Wort guide.

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