NEMA 14-30R (125/250VAC, 30A) 4 wire dryer receptacle outlet

NEMA 14-30R (125/250VAC, 30A) 4 wire dryer receptacle outlet

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We recommend the Leviton 278-S00 NEMA 14-30R industrial grade receptacle (shown in picture). It accepts larger wiring up to 4 AWG. Useful if you're building a 30A control panel but want to leave your options open for a possible 50A control panel in the future by installing 6 AWG wiring in the walls instead of 10 AWG. This is what we did in our brewery. You may always use larger than required wiring.

DISCLAIMER: Always follow electrical code requirements specific to your area, and before undertaking any home electrical project, contact your local electrical authority and your insurance company to ensure that you comply with all policies, warranties, regulations and authorities concerning this work.

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