Omega PTC-21 / Eagle B506-5001 multi-programmable LED timer with socket, 1/16 DIN size, 90-264VAC supply

Eagle B506-5001 multi-programmable LED timer, 1/16 DIN size, 90-264VAC supply

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The Eagle B506-5001 timer (shown in picture) is a direct replacement for the Omega PTC-21 (same functionality, no wiring changes required). The two products are identical and simply have different branding. Make sure the socket is included (required for connecting wires).

Unlike many timers with only two buttons, the four buttons on the Omega PTC-21 / Eagle B506-5001 allow for quick and convenient time changes (one for each digit) during a busy brew day. Also useful is the non-volatile memory that allows the timer to remember where it left off if ever power is cut during a countdown. Really handy during the boil if ever there's a momentary power flicker or you happen to turn the panel off (possibly by accident). No need and try to guess how much time was left and have to reset the timer.

If you choose to use a different brand/model, make sure that it is 1/16 DIN sized, can be powered by 120VAC (or 240VAC), counts down from at least 90 minutes by the second, and supports an alarm. If a different timer is used the wiring and setup instructions will most likely be different.

This timer and socket are included in our control panel kits.

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