Perlick stainless steel beer faucet

Perlick stainless steel beer faucet

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Most standard beer faucets use a rear sealing design where the beer that is left in the faucet after being shut off must drain through a vent hole. That creates an ideal place for airborne bacteria and yeast to reproduce creating an unsanitary condition. Perlick faucets seal at the front which keeps bacteria and wild yeast out of the interior of the faucet.

Also consider the Intertap brand of forward sealing faucets. Similar to the original (now discontinued) Vent-Matic forward sealing design, they use a sliding shuttle (instead of a ball) that some find makes a more reliable seal. We find this to be true, especially at lower pressures. That said, we've been using both style of faucets (ball and shuttle) for many years now and generally speaking both work well. If we had to buy all over again today, we'd probably go with Intertap however (they were not available at the time we purchased the Perlicks).

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