Pump with high temperature stainless steel housing, 3/4" NPT male center inlet, 1/2" NPT male outlet, 115VAC

Pump with high temperature stainless steel housing, 3/4 inch NPT male center inlet, 1/2 inch NPT male outlet, 115VAC

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We use and recommend pumps with stainless steel heads as they are much more resilient than polysulfone (plastic) heads. Polysulfone is brittle and easily damaged when dropped or by overtightening fittings.

The larger 3/4" center inlet (as compared to the usual 1/2" bottom-positioned inlet) allows for much simplified priming. A common complaint from brewers with standard 1/2" inlet pumps is that they require extra work to prime through specially installed bleeder valves and/or by playing with the hoses. These extra parts or work are not required if using center inlet pumps and following our brewery design.

Multiple brands are available, including popular models from March (made in the USA, 2 year warranty) and Chugger (made in China, 6 month warranty). See our individual pump pages for breakdowns and comparisons between models. All of our pumps are available with optional expandable braided sleeving and locking plugs (shown in picture). Don't want the pumps modified or need longer cords? Use our pump extension cords.

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