Replacing Pump Thrust Washers


Thrust washer (front) in a March pump head Thrust washer (front) in a March pump head



Both March and Chugger pumps have thrust washers that wear out over time as they are bearing (contact) surfaces. You'll know it's time to replace them if the pump is noisier and/or makes rattling noises. If left too long the pump may eventually seize and/or be damaged.

A small thrust washer in the front side closest to the motor is used on the impeller shaft on both March and Chugger pumps. Some Chugger pump models also have a second larger rear washer that sits in the impeller housing between the housing wall and the magnet side of the impeller.

Location of thrust washers (Chugger pump) Location of thrust washers (Chugger pump)

We recommend checking these thrust washers for wear when you take your pump heads apart every year or two for a deep clean, and replace as required. In typical home brewing use you should only have to replace your thrust washers every few years.

Many brewers are not aware that these thrust washers even exist, so don't be surprised if they're completely missing the first time you take your pump heads apart, especially if you've been using your pumps for years.

Whenever you inspect your thrust washers is also a great time to do your Pump Lubrication.

Questions? Visit our Replacing Pump Thrust Washers forum thread.


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