Rice hulls

Rice hulls

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Rice hulls are the tasteless outside part of the rice grain (the husk) that is discarded before rice is packaged for consumption.

In brewing the husk of the grain is used to form the natural filter bed in the Mash/Lauter Tun. To avoid stuck sparges (lack of flow) when large amounts of huskless grain (such as wheat) are used in a recipe,  some brewers are required to add rice hulls to compensate. This is usually done at a rate of 20:1 huskless grain to rice hull ratio.

With our setup however we never need to bother with rice hulls when producing beers with high amounts of huskless grain. Recirculation and sparging still works extremely well on our setup due to the well designed Blichmann false bottom in the Mash/Lauter Tun and the fact that we mill our grain fairly coarsely for higher efficiency. We find rice hulls dirty and a pain to deal with so we prefer to never have to use them.

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