Stainless steel bi-metal thermometer 1/2" NPT male with 2-4" probe

Stainless steel-bi-metal thermometer 1/2 inch NPT male with 2-4 inch probe

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The probe length is not overly critical as the probe will extend into the chiller output lengthwise. Even a 6" probe would work.

Be careful purchasing less expensive 'budget' thermometers as they will tend to stick (requiring frequent finger taps), not offer a calibration screw, and not be as accurate across the temperature range.

While most thermometers will have ranges from 0 to 220F which is perfectly adequate, in an ideal world we'd want a smaller range as we are chilling to fermentation temperatures (typically 40-80F), though some higher allowance is welcome to ensure we don't peg the needle by accident.

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