Stainless steel Cornelius (Corny) keg

stainless steel Cornelius (Corny) keg

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We use and prefer ball lock kegs which include manual pressure relief valves and thick double rubber handles (shown in picture). Ball lock kegs are narrower than pin lock style so that you can fit more in a keezer or fridge. The manual pressure relief valve making it quick and easy to burp a keg to get rid of atmosphere after filling (pin lock requires you to disconnect the gas line, burp using the gas-in post, reconnect, repeat 2-3 times. It's more work). The double rubber handles make lifting easy. More on our draft setup here and here.

So how many to buy? While it depends, our recommendation is to have twice as many as the number of taps you have. This way you can have beer on tap and others conditioning / waiting to go on tap. You can never have too many!

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