Stainless steel dry hopper for kegs

Stainless steel dry hopper for kegs

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Allows for dry hopping in kegs, useful for multi-step dry hopping when you wish to remove the hops between steps. The stainless steel mesh allows hop oils to flow into your beer but keeps the hop material inside. For easy removal between steps simply tie a piece of unflavoured / unwaxed dental floss to the top. The dental floss is thin enough to allow the keg lid to still seal properly to avoid exposing the beer to oxygen.

We do find that the hops tend to clump together inside the dry hopper which reduces oil extraction requiring more hops to be used. So we don't tend to use these if we can avoid it. Whenever possible we prefer to allow the hops to 'roam free' and instead use a Hop Stopper 2.0 Keg Edition to filter. We find this gives our beer the best hop flavour / aroma extraction possible.

These dry hoppers for kegs are however useful for oaking beer with cubes or staves as the beer is able to flow freely between the oak pieces. For more information refer to our Oaking Your Beer guide. 

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