Stout faucet

Micromatic stainless steel stout faucet (JESF-4)

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Stout faucets are designed to accommodate a nitrogen/CO2 blend draft system instead of straight CO2. Most popularly used to dispense stouts like Guinness (hence the name), they can also used whenever a somewhat flat beer with a creamy head is preferred such as BoddingtonsFuller's ESB, a Russian Imperial Stout, or a Porter.

The beer is carbonated with a blend of nitrogen/CO2 (typically 80/20, 75/25 or 70/30 ratio) called beer gas. When serving the beer is pushed through a small restrictor plate that knocks the CO2 out of solution giving the the beer a nice creamy head and next to no carbonic bite.

We use two Micromatic stout faucets (shown in picture) as they are built to last. Quality of draft dispensing equipment varies greatly from cheap consumer products meant for home use that doesn't tend to last, to high quality equipment used by bars and restaurants that see high volume use.

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