Founded in 2009, The Electric Brewery is the original no-compromise all-electric brewing setup used in over 60 countries by homebrewers, commercial breweries, brew on premise shops, brew pubs, restaurants, industrial and entertainment corporations, and distilleries. Below are some of their testimonials.

"I recently moved and had the opportunity to consider taking the one pot / malt extract brewing that I had been doing for 6 years to another level. After looking into the many systems available through internet searching and talking with other brewers I decided to take the plunge and go to all grain brewing. There are many systems out there (some by large manufactures like Blichmann to multiple smaller companies with a proprietary approach). I settled on The Electric Brewery because it appeared to me to be the most thoughtfully designed. After making the decision I've come to appreciate that when you work with The Electric Brewery you get more than a brewing system, you get technical assistance and valuable guidance that is immeasurable. I'm not an engineer and needed a lot of "hand holding" - Kal and his staff were there to guide me every step of the way. His website has an unbelievable amount of information on how to do and where to buy and his step by step book (The Complete Guide to Building Your Brewery) is remarkably detailed and a must read for anyone thinking of building an electric brewery." - Pat C., Murrells Inlet SC


"I chose to go with The Electric Brewery first because I needed to brew all grain indoors year round. Only electric heating elements are building code compliant where I live. The Electric Brewery setup is incredible. It is elegant, brewhouse efficient, affordable, flexible in both implementation and function, and has incredible WOW factor. One can choose to DIY entirely or to have some components pre-built. The instructions and links to supplies, components and tools are simply brilliant. My non-brewing DIY friends are amazed at Kal's website. The ability to control temperature is a major advantage of this setup. It allows both beginning brewers and experienced brewers the opportunity to brew high quality beer and reproduce it again and again." - Jim H., Asheville NC (more photos)


"At the Brooklyn Brewery, we chose the Electric Brewery’s Control Panel for our pilot system as it allows us to have tight and repeatable controls throughout the brewing process, just like we do on our 50bbl production system. This means new recipes that we develop on a small scale are more reliable when it comes to full-scale production. Consistency is very important to us as professional Brewers, and the Electric Brewery’s Control Panel ensures we have that at even the earliest stages of research and development." - Jimmy Valm, Production Manager at Brooklyn Brewery, Brooklyn NY (more photos)


"BLUF (bottom line up front): If you want to step up your brewing game, there is absolutely no question that The Electric Brewery is the way to go. We had four basic goals in mind when deciding what route to go with our brewing setup. It had to be: functional, flexible, durable, and repeatable. Functional in that it was intuitive to use and adequately controlled our brewing process. Flexible with respect to its use over the range of brewing operations (from home brewing, to nano, to pilot systems). Durable in its design and components such that it would stand the test of time and not require special/proprietary tooling or components in order for it to operate over many years. Then lastly, we wanted a repeatable process and final product to be created. We were done with the inconsistencies from batch to batch and wanted to make beer that people would come to love and could rely on its quality and consistency. The Electric Brewery fulfills all these needs and more. It has become a cornerstone feature in a space designed to bring people together. It easily becomes a talking point when seen by any newcomer but also on brew day allows enough control over the process that you can engage others in conversation and allow them an introduction to the brewing process. However, at the same time is not so automated that you no longer feel like a brewer and simply a button pusher. The cost for a brewery like this is not insignificant. Our mindset in doing so was with lofty goals for the future but also to truly build a family heirloom. This. Will. Last. No doubt. We opted to go with one of the pre-built 50amp 30+ gallon panels. We felt this panel allowed for the greatest brewing flexibility, as mentioned earlier. Then after much research and reading on Kal's forum we found the pre-built panel to make the most sense for both financial and time investments. After brewing on it for over a year we have never thought twice about the decision. Amazing product, incredible customer service that is immeasurably personal, and all from a home brewer just trying to give back to the community. We'll support that. Cheers!" - Scott B., Libertyville IL (@signalcharliebrew on Instagram)


"Going almost 6 years with your panel and setup. I’ve been extremely happy with the Electric Brewery panel and brewery design. It’s definitely spoiled me getting to brew on it, especially the ability to do step mashes. I’m able to do some neat things with protein rests and raw/under-modified grains that most brewers wouldn’t touch. #solid" - Seth Klann, Owner Mecca Grade Estate Malt (@meccagrade on Instagram). Mecca Grade farms, crafts and malts premium barley and specialty grains on a century family farm in Central Oregon.


"As many of you brewers may have started with extract brewing, so did I. Local fresh ingredients were just too hard to come by. My progression went from stovetop in the kitchen to propane burners in the garage. Then I came across Kal’s website! I drooled, researched, and prepped for the inevitable. The day finally came when I bit the bullet and bought into the electric craze!!! I’m a person who doesn’t mind reading directions and Kal has wrote probably the most descriptive tutorials I’ve came across. Not just the panel which to me is the heart and soul of the brew process but all aspects of the layout and equipment. Well done!" - Paul M., Tennessee


"I spent several years reading home brewing forums, searching periodicals and websites, and comparing every component that could go into building my dream home brewery. My prerequisites included the need to brew indoors, an efficient and practical way to control the brewing process in an easily reproducible fashion, and a brewery that was as beautiful as it was functional. Early in my search I found TheElectricBrewery.com and Kal's Control Panel. The panel very much appeals to my sense of aesthetic and function. It's elegant and refined and yet intuitive and simple. It's a professional grade control panel at the fraction of professional cost. No other company I looked into made anything that came close, in my opinion. If you want a safe and attractive way to make the best beer you can, then do your research and come back to The Electric Brewery. Totally worth it!" - Kevan M., Coeur d'Alene ID (more photos)


"The Brew on Premises that we built using TheElectricBrewery control panel and design is a cornerstone to our business. We've brewed over 1000 batches on it and ALL the equipment and components are still working like the day we got them." - Douglas Amport, Co-Owner, Bitter & Esters (Brooklyn's first do-it-yourself brewery). Since this photo was taken they have ordered two more control panels due to popularity.


"I have been home brewing for over 25 years and decided it was time to build the ultimate brew system that would give me the precision and repeatability I was looking for from brew to brew. I spent a year researching brew configurations and based on my research and personal experience, Kal's system was my choice. The reviews from other brewers on the build and use of his system convinced me and my brew buddies that an all electric indoor system laid out in Kal's configuration was the way to go. I have now brewed ten beers on the system and have my eight taps brimming with top notch beers! I went so far as to replicate Kal's bar/brewery layout in a way that fit my space, and I liked the brew controller so much that I built my own fermentation and refrigeration controller using the same box, LED color scheme and other elements to make them look like a matched pair. When asked what brewing is like by buddies who don't brew, the usual answer is, 'A lot of cleaning that results in beer!'. I find that on this system cleanup is a breeze. I am a hop head and stout fan and love double IPAs and rich chocolatey imperial stouts. This system can handle both without any issue. Thank you Kal and Mike from me and my brew crew!" - JonyMac, Manassas VA (more photos)


"Our 50A control panel is an absolute dream to operate. The design, features and construction of the unit are really top notch and are the standard by which I'd compare other similarly sized electric control panels on the market. For a while, I harbored the idea of assembling the panel myself, but with all the other pieces required to put a pilot brewery together, I am so glad that I didn't. While the project would have been fun, the build quality and attention to detail on the pre-assembled panel was worth every penny and then some! The organization and routing of wires inside the unit alone is a masterpiece of spatial engineering. Customer service has been great so far and I expect that as we need help or parts Kal and the guys at The Electric Brewery will be there to answer questions and keep us up and running." - Tait Simpson, founder Kingston Standard Brewery, Kingston NY


"Just received my electric brewery today and went through the contents and everything else. As everything arrived in perfect condition and looking at it all, especially, the control panel was impressively assembled. I'm glad I went down this avenue. I spent a good 10-15 minutes just staring at the inside of the chassis admiring the design and work. I have to say it was worth the wait. I ran the HLT elements, and it really heats up the water super fast. Way more efficient compared to direct fire. Thanks all, for a great product. Definitely a satisfied customer here." - Ian Cameron, founder Lochiel Brewing, Mesa AZ (1bbl brewhouse, 2bbl fermenters) (more photos)


"Once we decided to install a basement brewery in our home I put in countless hours of research on every single piece of necessary equipment. When it came to controlling our 20 gallon system there really is no other choice to make except The Electric Brewery, all other options for me were a compromise that I was unwilling to make. Besides the obvious 'wow' factor, the panel is easy to operate and allows us to achieve repeatable results on our beers. I would highly recommend The Electric Brewery system to anyone who is looking to do the same. Once you’ve completed your own research you’ll discover, as I did, that there is really only one way to go. Thanks Kal!" - John R., Almost Famous Brewing Co., Olathe KS


"Kal, This past weekend was the first brew on the new equipment. A Russian Imperial Stout. Hit all the numbers. Your control panel was an absolute pleasure to use. What a beautiful, intuitive, functional piece of brewing kit. Please thank Mike. The build quality exceeded my already lofty expectations." - York, Pennsylvania (more photos)


"Kal, Brewed my first batch today - just a simple Hefeweizen and everything turned out great. I went from extract stove kits to this electric system without any all grain experience. The thing that struck me the most was how hands off this system really is. I found myself staring at my brewery stand wondering why I hadn't gone this route sooner. Clean up was easy and everything functioned perfectly. I chose this approach because I wanted to do it right the first time and not have to upgrade years down the road. Hopefully one day this test system will turn into more than a hobby. I can't wait to brew next weekend and am already planning my next batch. Thanks a bunch for your hard work and great information." - Trever, Eden Prairie MN (more photos)


"I have no regrets going with a (pre-built) Electric Brewery control panel. The workmanship is top notch. Ever since going electric, I've had numerous friends observe brew days at my place and comment on both how well made the system is, and how easy it is to operate. Brew days are more enjoyable than they've ever been. My setup, for now is a 2 tier 2 vessel system. This works and satisfies space constraints and simplicity. Future plans, once I expand into a basement, are to possibly get to a full 3 vessel system. My electric brewery panel will fully support all my future needs and I'd buy it again in a heartbeat." - Michael B., Bloomington IN


"Thank you Kal! We completed our first batch this weekend. The journey to complete your guided build was unequivocal and the finished product was brilliant. I can’t complement you enough on both your attention to detail and equipment aesthetics. You have made it possible for the beginning home brewer to make the jump to a professional grade setup while still allowing the brewer a sense of accomplishment due to your flexibility of various DIY levels. A great father and son project!" - Dan and Jeff, Camp Hill PA


"For me, homebrewing started as a dream to make quality beer. Being a technical guy, I wanted to apply those skills to the challenge of brewing better beer through precision. I chose TheElectricBrewery to be the heart of my brewery; I wanted accurate control over the mashing process and I knew TheElectricBrewery was capable of getting me there. Kal has designed a solid control panel that has been in use at my home for 4 years during which time the system produced 26 Bronze, 35 Silver, and 42 Gold medals. In addition to these medals, it has brought home 3 first place best of shows, 3 second place best of shows, 2 third place best of shows, and 1 national NHC final round silver medal. I highly recommend TheElectricBrewery to anyone thinking about taking homebrew to the next level. I’m so glad I made the investment when I did." - Chris A., Brentwood TN (@onesandzerosbrewing on Instagram)


"Just wanted to thank you for answering all my questions throughout this project. But I want to thank you most for the inspiration. This whole thing started because I didn't think even if I got good at brewing (I'm truly an amateur) I could repeat the process. Then I came across your site. It was game on from that day!! Thank you." - John (more photos)


“Following the Electric Brewery blueprint has allowed us to scale our setup more efficiently and consistently, while at the same time providing an opportunity to create a space designated to brewing. If it weren't for the detailed instructions and purpose-built parts, we'd probably still be brewing 2.5 gallon all-grain batches on the stove in the kitchen.” - JP G., Marlborough MA


"I can't tell you how happy I am that I found your site two years ago. Up until then I was dead set on a gas fired system until I found The Electric Brewery. You saved me so much time and energy. After two years of planning and building I brewed my first batch today and I couldn't be more pleased with the result and your system. People are amazed every time they walk in to my basement unity room and find this awesome brew panel lit up on the wall. I can't thank you and Mike enough. You guys are truly the best." - Chuck M., 5th Ward Brewery, St. Charles IL (more photos)


"Just wanted to share my experiences so far. The build itself was pretty much straight forward even with the 240V adaptation that I was doing. Of course it took a good couple of nights to assemble the control panel, but it worked perfectly from day one. The brewing process is just flawless. I've just finished batch number 7 on this setup and I have yet to miss a number and I'm hitting OG spot on every single time. Just couldn't be happier. I've tested some new recipes, the Electric Pale Ale (girlfriend and neighbours are crazy about it) amongst others, and also brewed 4 of my old recipes. I didn't know that the old recipes where that good. I've compared the taste from bottles I had with the same beer brewed on The Electric Brewery. It's not even the same beer, it's much much better beer. Can't wait until the fermenter is ready so I can brew up another batch. Thanks a million for taking the time to create this awesome control panel and setup!" - Jarle M., Norway (Jarle purchased a 240V only control panel kit as he lives in a country where 120V is not available)


"Hi Kal! My wife and I were already brewing 'batch sparge style' for many years in our townhouse kitchen on an electric stove top using a 10 gallon kettle and a 52 quart cooler. Once we moved into a house with a garage we researched into upgrading to an all electric setup and came across your website. The quantity of information, level of detail, professional look / quality of the control panel, etc. has us hooked immediately so we ordered the control panel and got to work building the workbench, kettles, etc. Overall, we have found that the control panel and brewery setup works as designed and we have made 60+ batches of high quality / easily repeatable beers. Keep up the great work!" - Bradley and Jennifer J., Hillsborough NJ


"Hey Kal, the electric panel works perfectly, it's the only equipment I haven't had problems with - it's an amazing piece of equipment!" - Rich R., Liberator Brewing Company, Rockland ME


"I finally have the panel hooked up and have done some preliminary heating and transfers. I love it!! Your control panel is nothing less than amazing. Couldn't ask for a better one. Cheers!" - Jeff Manol, founder Muddy York Brewing Co. (a 3.5 bbl setup), Toronto Canada


"This is the coolest, most badass homebrewing set up I’ve seen. Ever." - LoveBeerLoveFood.com


"My brewery (20 gallons) is located in the basement of my house. I specialize in Belgian style beers, more specifically: Witbier, Golden strong Ales, Pilsners, Speciality Ales like Dekonick, Flanders Brown, Red Ales, and Fruit Lambics. I just recently retired and I love it. I want to thank you for all the work you did on your system and website. Without it my brewery would not exist." - Remy C., Traverse City MI. His Slabtown Brewery is used as a pilot system to help research and design a series of new beers for the Schoonerman Brewing Company. (Take a video tour of Remy's brewery)


"I ultimately chose The Electric Brewery setup because of the dream to brew year round in my basement, regardless of weather extremes in Denver CO, and to bring brew friends together to create dialed-in repeatable recipes, in a rock solid package that will last a lifetime. Thanks Kal for the inspiration and continued guidance." - Adam C., Denver CO (more photos)


"I have been a homebrewer since 1988 and an all grain brewer for the last 7 years. My brilliant wife recently had the idea of moving our brewing operations indoors so we elected to build an addition to our home, utilizing The Electric Brewery as our system. It has met and exceeded all our expectations - we are thrilled to be brewing in comfort, year round, with consistent high quality results every time. Thanks to Kal for developing this professional-level home brewing design! Cheers!" - Greg J., Rosewood Brewing Company, St. Louis MO


"After searching for some time, I discovered 'Kal the Electric Brewer', and immediately purchased the downloadable guide to constructing an electric brewery. The 'How To' and 'Brew Day' manuals were most informative and very easy to follow with its step by step format. When it came to purchase the control panel it was an easy decision. I choose Kal as I figured that if he built a control panel as accurately and concise as the manuals, I couldn't go wrong. I was most impressed with the tidy wiring and construction. I purchase control panels all the time in my line of work, and I know good work when I see it." - Erik N., Orangeville Ontario


"We use the electric brew system that we built based on your design. Our beers won 8 major awards including 5 first place and 3 second place finishes!" - Dan & Jesse S., Ten Mile Brewing, Lakewood CA


"When I decided to open up a Nano Brewery here in New Brunswick, Canada my main requirement was for my brewery to be all electric. After making the decision to go electric, it was an even easier decision to purchase the 50A control panel from The Electric Brewery.Brewing with this control panel is a dream! The "wow factor" aside, the control panel gives me the utmost confidence reproducing the same beer time and time again, and that's something that my customers will expect. And it's amazing how much my efficiency numbers have increased as well! Thanks Kal, your product is top notch and I won't hesitate to recommend it to anyone!" - Shane Steeves, Hammond River Brewing, New Brunswick Canada (see awards)


“Our architectural studio used to be home to Primo brewery back in the 70’s. To honor the building’s past life, we decided to carve out a brewery right in our office. The Electric Brewery setup was really our only option. I’m glad I stumbled upon this site and its treasure trove of information. I immediately downloaded the 380 page guide and it’s been my bible during the construction of the brewery. I can’t even begin to describe how thorough it is and how simple it is to follow with its step by step process. Brewing on the system is an absolute pleasure! We can now produce consistent beer like a professional. I highly recommend this system to anyone looking to elevate their brewing to the next level. - Jason A., WCIT Architecture, Honolulu HI


“Thank you for your help and providing such useful info dealing with the control panel. Everything works flawlessly so far.” - Joe C., Graffiti Restaurant/Bistro, Costa Rica


“Kal you are the man! I can't get over the quality of my control box. The texture of the powder coating is awesome and the wiring is so clean and tight. You didn't skimp on the quality of any of the parts used in constructing this box. You even used high quality name brand XLR connectors for the temp probes. Mike you did an outstanding job assembling this work of art! It really is a pleasure to do business with a company as solid as you guys. It is hard to lay out this kind of cash for a product unseen on the internet, but if anyone out there is considering purchasing this control box and is on the fence, I can highly recommend it, and I'd say go for it. Put your doubt and skepticism aside this control box is the real deal and it delivers. The pictures do not do it justice and you really have to see it in person. I have already brewed several times with the new control box and my new rig, and it is an absolute pleasure to use. I get excited and look forward to brew days now, where the temps are easily held at whatever temp I need and the precise control is at your fingertips. Needless to say because of this my beers have already advanced to the next level. I'm not just saying this, as my friends and family are always asking me now what I am brewing next, or saying after tasting my latest brew, 'You know you could sell this beer!!'. I look forward to many many years of quality brewing and I will be passing your box and my rig on to my kids one day!” - John C., Hudson FL (more pictures over at HomeBrewTalk)


"Professional brewers need to be able to reproduce the same recipe over and over. One of the worst things I can think of as a brewer would be for us to produce a great batch of beer and have people enjoy it, only to not be able to reproduce those results on the next batch! That's how you lose the faith of your customer base. What I found was that while our (previous) home brew system produced great beer, we had very little control and our batches could vary from batch to batch. In short, we needed to update our brew system to afford more control over each batch. And with that, we started building a pilot system (based on The Electric Brewery design). Our new electric set up is designed to mirror the process and functionality of professional breweries. We have hand built our ½ barrel (15 Gallon) electric pilot system to help us produce a consistent product and achieve our ultimate goal of recipe replication on a 15 barrel (465 Gallon) professional system." - Brian Holter & Kingsley Toby, Co-Founders/Brewers, Pipe Dream Brewery, Los Angeles CA


"My setup is finally done and I have ran a few brews through it. I am amazed at how easy things went in both brews. My brewing experience with my propane set was much different. Hitting my OG was hit and miss at best. All the numbers in these first 2 brews were right on the money." - Tom M., Owner, Wood Traditions Inc., Minnesota (more pictures)


"After 10+ years of all grain brewing, I wanted to update my system to reflect my brewing style. We have photovoltaic solar panels on our house and have excess power, so why not have a system that is all electric? I liked the Kal system since I wanted some interaction with the brewing process, instead of a fully automated system. The end result is a super quiet system! I can now hear the ocean and seagulls again and efficiency shot up from 75% to 95%." - Paul B., Muir Beach CA


"After 50+ years of brewing beer on an amateur level, we decided to take our passion and knowledge of all things beer and share it with fellow beer connoisseurs in the form of our fine ales. Our brewery is located on Alnön, a beautiful island in the archipelago of Sundsvall, Sweden. We aim to work with local distribution directly from the brewery to local restaurants, pubs and liquor shops in the region. Being close to our consumer is as important to us as the quality of the beer and its consistency, which is why we started our pilot brewery based on many design concepts from the Electric Brewery, together with our own modifications. We're very happy to be able to brew our beer in a consistent and energy efficient way." - Robert & Dick Dykes, Dykes Brewery, Alnön Sweden


"From the moment I emailed Kal inquiring about his system I have had nothing short of a first class experience. He and his team answered all my preliminary questions with honesty and confidence that their system would meet and exceed my needs, and they were right! What first struck me about the setup was the craftsmanship yet simplicity of the system. The fact that I could build my brewery and have a support team to answer my questions was a huge help. Right from the get go, my 1bbl system has been producing amazingly efficient and great tasting beer. One other thing that stands out about the product was the ability for me to be creative with Kal's design. With the help of the Electric Brewery I was able to execute my idea of a mechanical masterpiece." - Clay Hoppel, Boonton NJ


"We tested the system this past weekend with great results, I turned the key and it lit up like a christmas tree, it was great! Thanks for all your help..." - Josh Bontrager, Hawcreek Brewing Company, Hope IN


"We are proud to be the first brewery in Manassas. Our taproom is nothing fancy, but we are all about providing craft beer to our community! We believe in brewing the best beer we can make." - Jeremy Meyers, Bad Wolf Brewing Company, Manassas VA


"The system worked perfectly and I hit all my numbers, which was amazing since I had never even had a chance to test it before. I brewed my second batch the next day, and a week later I was kegging my first two batches of beer! It was like walking a tight-rope over a cliff, but to my astonishment, I reached the other side without even a wobble. The system is incredible to use – as of right now I have done two batches and managed to hit my gravities perfectly each time." - Jake Endres, Crooked Run Brewing, Lessburg VA. Due to their incredible success, a second (much larger) 10bbl taproom was opened in Stirling VA in 2017.


"If I were to have tried designing all this myself it would have taking me twice as long and [cost] twice as much. Following Kal's build simplified things each step of the way and really, how cool does having a big electrical panel on your wall look?" - Darren G., Hivemind Brewing, Seattle WA


"In anything you do in life, business or not, you learn over time the difference between cost and value. The Electric Brewery provides quality materials and I know it is built to last. I do not want to keep replacing parts or upgrading equipment due to sticker shock. Kal provided an unbelievable write up (which is free), with pictures that clearly show what you are doing. I had zero DIY experiences before my build and following Kal's instructions I now have a top notch brewery and on top of that I finished a room in my house and was able to take quite a bit of the skills I learned in the build and applied it to finishing the room. Using Kal's extremely detailed instructions, you learn how the brewing process works and you are the expert on the equipment, so when something is wrong, you know how to fix it! In my mind, Kal's build is a build without competition." - Martin G., Cedar Rapids IA


"I love my electric brewery! I got a Lifetime Membership to Kal's site and believe he should make $$$ for all his great work." - Mitch N., Humble TX


"Our Electric Brewery control panel is easy to use, easily adaptable to your needs, fast, and efficient. No need for propane, permits, also boils 35 gallons in 30 mins!" - Joseph Ruotolo, Border Brewery, Salem NH (licenced nanobrewery and homebrew supply shop)


"I’d recommend the TheElectricBrewery to any homebrewer looking to upgrade their system. After much research, I chose the design of this system for my electric setup because of the commercial grade parts/equipment, and the detailed parts list and the links provided which made them extremely easy to source for your build. The reason I decided to go electric in general is how efficient it makes the brew day and how consistent the recipes turn out." - Jay Y., All Good Brewing, Atlanta GA


"I now have about one year of experience with your electric brewery solution and I absolutely love it. Everything has been working great." - Steve C., Dane WI


"We used a gas based setup for years but with the size of our new space and the safety concerns of using propane in an enclosed space we decided to change from propane to electric after seeing The Electric Brewery. We were amazed at the quality of the panel and how easy it was to use. I loved that we didn’t have the noise of the propane burners and the safety of not having a flame from the propane burners was awesome. Thanks for developing such a great product! Your service has been exceptional." - Robert Zarko, President of Ship Bottom Brewery, Wallingford PA


"The website instructions were well organized and easy to follow. Aside from a couple of minor tweaks, I pretty much followed them to the letter and I'm extremely pleased with the results. This even though I'm not much of a DIY kind of a guy. I liked the Electric Brewery design because it was well thought out, flexible and robust. I feel like I can expand and build upon it if I ever need to but so far it's doing everything I want. This might be my last brew system ever! Great job Kal and many thanks." - Greg M., Colorado Springs MO


"Once I decided to go all-grain, I knew I wanted to do it right. After searching the internet for ideas, I ran across TheElectricBrewery and I knew this was the home brewery I wanted to build. I do not have the background to design a system like this, but I was confident I could follow Kal's well laid out plans. It was a great experience putting it all together, and the support community Kal has built around others going through this same build is fantastic. Now that I have a working Electric Brewery, I am glad I made the investment, and it has really taken my beer brewing to a new level. I would highly recommend this system to anyone and everyone!" - Jeremy Y., Chicago IL


"First batch in the new system is a smashing success. I made my house pale ale which is a hit with all beer drinkers and I have to say it is perfection in a glass. I can't rave enough about this system and plan to brew again in a few days. I have been brewing all grain for over 7 years and this is the best batch of this particular recipe...simply amazing." - Bruce Barton, Owner of Celtic Knot Brewing, New Brunswick Canada (Bruce has over 30 years of brewing experience and has gone pro)


"When I saw your set-up I thought just how cool it was not to have to deal with gas and be outside either in the hot or cold when one could be in-doors and basically flip a switch or three. My system is a little different as I am able to operate both elements at once (similar to our 50A back to back control panel) ... thanks again for giving me the inspiration to do what I am doing." - Will M., owner/operator of Stumptown Craft Brewing Company, Indian Trail NC


"Just finished wiring the 50A Control Panel for Kretschmann Brewery. Nice job with the instructions. It was a good build and thanks for providing the materials to help his dream." - Ern, licenced electrician who assembled a 50A control panel from our kit for Kretschmann Brewing Company, Webster MA


"Just thought I would send you a quick note to let you know I finished the Control Panel build and to say thank you. This was an awesome project and your instructions were very easy to follow. I was a little worried that I may need an electrical engineering degree, but I didn't. I actually learned a lot I had a LOT of fun building it. Thanks again for everything." - Sean D. (Sean purchased our Standard 30A Control Panel Kit so that he could assemble it himself following our instructions while stationed in Germany / Afghanistan - more pictures)


"I have to tell you this set up is incredible!! I'm in the middle of a brew day and am showing another new brewer how to do all grain. We brewed at another guys house last week using propane, coolers and traditional home brew equip. Temperatures were all over the place and at the end of the day it was exhausting. Today we are drinking beer, cooking food and just waiting for alarms to buzz. Again thanks for all the support during the build last year and an incredible product." - Micah B., Harker Heights TX


"Received the panel two days ago - quite a nice job at product packaging. Also wanted to extend my appreciation for the amazing job you did with component and wire routing inside the panel. Absolutely top-notch. The dedication and attention to details is clearly evident, and as someone who has built electrical systems from simple breadboards to datacenter structured cabling - I was truly impressed by the care and diligence you must put into making each of these panels. Clearly I can get rid of my T-square tools and if I ever need to measure a right-angle from now on, all I need to do is open up the panel to check out your wiring. Nice work." - Jason D., White Plains NY


"I just wanted to drop you a note to say thanks for everything. Your design of the brewery works 100% as stated, a website second to none to support the design, your book detailing construction, and the best part for someone like me who had never made beer before was the Brew Day Step By Step guide. I followed your lead almost to a tee on the system as well as my tap and tap cooling system. I took advantage of as many of the prebuilt parts as you offered and the quality is outstanding. The control panel or the heart of the system makes a statement to anyone who walks into the brewery that this is not the average home brewing system. I have made your Blonde Ale and Electric IPA, both big hits to everyone who has tried them so far and both will be a staple on the taps for a long time. This weekend I will be making the Amber Ale. Thanks for a lot of fun and enjoyment." - Scott M., Leicester MA


"This past week has been a week of celebration. The brewery that I have been working on for the last four months is finally completed. Thank you to everyone at The Electric Brewery for all your help during this process. For the most part, the book and instructions could not have been any better. I can understand the amount of work and time that went into writing such a detailed instructional book for all of us to enjoy. So again thank you for putting in the leg work. I had high expectations for this brewery, not only because Kal and others had promised it, but because I built most of it myself. I'm writing this today to say, I was NOT disappointed. This brewing system performed just like promised and more. I was so amazed at the ease of use, and the professional feeling I had while brewing. The first beer I brewed with this system was a beer recipe that I hadn't even brewed before. I was commissioned to brew some beer for a brother-in-laws wedding, and one of the requests was for a lager. This system did not disappoint. I can't express enough how happy I am with this brew setup, and I am told we are the first one in Alaska! Hopefully one day this setup will be the test batch brewery for my full scale brewery." - Thomas S., Anchorage AK (more pictures)


"I wanted to take a moment to join others in thanking you for your great brewery design as well as clear and concise instructions for a self build. Your research regarding where to obtain parts saved me a lot of time and energy. I can honestly say that I enjoyed the process of building as well as the final product. I have brewed about 25 batches of beer at this point and find that there is no problem maintaining consistency with this system. One of the great things is that I built a new home last year and as a part of the build, I was able to carve out a 10’ x 24’ room for my brewery using wood from the ground to build the cabinets and counters." - Dennis S., Turned Timber Brewery, Spring Mills PA


"After 20 years of brewing 5 gallon batches with propane I decided I was tired of hauling my equipment up from the basement to the garage every other week when I wanted/needed to brew. After about 3-4 months of planning and discussing different options, I decided to go with an electric brewery in the basement. I ordered the first pieces last spring - a 50A B2B kit. The directions you provide are incredible. All through the process, I kept looking for things that I could change or tweak, but surprisingly found very little." - Jeff F., Laramie WY (more pictures)


"This has been by far the most rewarding DIY project I've ever undertaken. I'm sure you get this all the time, but this resource that you've created is pretty damn amazing! Thanks for all of your time and diligence in putting this all together, and thanks for making it free and accessible to all!" - Sam A., Burning Bird Brewery, Phoenix AZ


"This. Brewery. Is. Awesome. I absolutely love using this thing. It's so fun, and easy to use. Everyone who sees it is blown away by how cool it is. I got to brew beer in my basement on a 20F day in shorts and a t-shirt while drinking beer, watching tv and playing darts with my brothers and dad. Everything is right there at your fingertips when you need it. It feels more effortless, without losing the intimacy of brewing, it makes brewing more flexible. It's just enjoyable." - Adam K., Imperial MO (more photos)


"I'm sitting here looking at your design (Kal) and assembly (Mike), while mashing a French Farmhouse Ale for the first run. Kal, thank you for a well thought out design. It solves my consistency and control desire without removing me from the process. Mike, superb craftsmanship. Thanks for being willing to take on these projects. Your skill, experience and attention to detail really come through in the construction of the controller, probes and HERMS coil. Well done. Now back to brewing ... Time to sparge." - Ray G., San Diego CA


"After reading about several different nano brewery set-ups, I was amazed by the beauty and simplicity of The Electric Brewery.The thought and planning that Kal put into his setup is unmatched. I opted to buy the preassembled control panel, but did do the rest of the build myself. It was easy for a "non-engineer" to safely and confidently build this professional setup. Not only does it give me the results I was looking for, but it certainly looks pretty damn cool too. After a few batches, we have been hitting our numbers consistently. The temperature control is exact and allows us to brew any type of beer imaginable. The consistency between batches is crucial for us as we develop recipes for our 3BBL brewery. We plan on continuing to use Kal's Electric Brewery for our pilot system in our production brewpub. Thanks for a great set up!!" - Phil H., Hop Haus Brewing Company, Verona WI


"IMHO you cannot go wrong with the electric brewing approach. For me it was the best choice I could've made after 20 years of jet propane burners and glowing red keggle rims. Follow Kal's build instructions and make sure you have GFCI power and electric is a much safer and far more pleasurable homebrewing experience." - Kevin G., Fort Collins CO


"So far I've brewed two batches on the new system and absolutely love it! For me, it's the perfect balance of automated/controlled vs hands-on brewing that I was looking for. It allows me to focus on the aspects of the brew day that I care about while consistently hitting (so far) my targets. Because of the semi-automated nature of the system, I can multi-task and do other tasks/chores around the house that I previously wasn't able to do. As you're probably more than aware, time is precious. So I can't thank you enough for conceiving the idea of the all electric system but then documenting it so others can follow." - Mike B., Malvern PA


"Kal, after seeing your electric system a couple of years ago, I know exactly what I wanted. The long wait was worth it. The system is everything I thought it would be. Mike did a marvelous job building the control panel. It is the same top notch quality I experienced during my working years when we purchased various control panels for our factories. It looks like a piece of laboratory equipment. Every question or concern I had turned out to be a non-issue. Once again thanks for your continued support. A+"- Frank W., St. Louis MO


"The system is working flawlessly - I love it! I brewed 5 times so far including your Electric Pale Ale, two-hearted clone, NZ IPA, and I have Electric IPA in the fermenter. The beer is fantastic. I have at least a couple of home brewers that I have invited over to brew that were blown away by the system and are now in the process of planning their own build. Thanks again for sharing the results of all your hard work!" - Scott O., Detroit MI


"Long story short: The Electric Brewery works EXACTLY as advertised and I couldn’t be more pleased." - Ron S., Baja Mexico (Ron had 30 years of all grain brewing experience)


"The electric brewery is AWESOME!! It helps simplify my brew day, customizable to my brewing techniques, and safer than using a traditional gas burner." - Steve M., Auburn IL


"I bought your guide a couple of years ago to create an electric brewery in France for my brewing club of 100 members. I had to make a number of modifications because of different norms and suppliers over here, but I would certainly not have been able to do without your excellent guide and part sourcing! We brew about 4000 litres a year with our 200 litre setup." - Jon D., LaMauloise Brewing Club, Maule France


"When I decided to move from extract to all-grain brewing I wanted to build a system that would be with me for the long haul. After hours, upon hours of research your design set the gold standard in my opinion. Your willingness to share your design and provide support for all my questions sealed the deal. When I took the plunge and ordered your assembled 50A back to back batch panel the hardest part was waiting for it to arrive! As I waited I assembled my brewery using your excellent instructions. The beauty of your site is that you leave nothing out making the experience top notch. The quality of the panel is exceptional and I look forward to each recipe and I love that my options are endless. It makes it even more enjoyable knowing that you are here with me with knowledgeable support and suggestions. Thank you Kal, you and your team are the best." - Joe S., Terrell TX


"Kal, we want to thank you again for taking the countless hours undoubtedly required for you to share your passion with the rest of us. We are so grateful as your hard work has translated into our ability to fulfill our dream of opening a small nano and to us being able to produce fabulous (and consistent) ales like 6-Up Imperial Oatmeal Stout, Cranky-Clyde Cream Ale, Wonder Star Pale Ale, and many others. We are very proud of our beers and couldn’t have done it without you. We have done around 20 1 BBL batches and we are continuously amazed at how well the system works." - Tony O and Roscoe K., Shire Station Brewing Company, Lemoore CA


"My newly completed Electric Brewery is in the heart of the African wild bush surrounded by wildlife, as in the big five and many more. I am based in the heart of the Kruger National Park, South Africa's biggest game reserve. Last night I brewed by maiden brew on your system, a Black IPA looking out of the window at a heard of some 100 Cape Buffalo. Thanks for the great book, plans and photos." - Rodney W., African Aardvark Artisanal Brewery, South Africa


"I have been brewing for over 6 years. Throughout this time, I have upgraded everything slowly to what I have today. I went from just being a hobby brewer to it becoming a passion and now, a vendetta to open at tap room/nano-brewery. I feel at this point, I am finally about a year or so away from finding a taproom location and filling out my first licensing forms. I know it’s going to be a long road ahead of me. I needed to find something to help me be more consistent and have more precise temperatures in my brewing process.I was no longer doing 5 gal batches. I moved up to 10 - 15 gal batches. Normally, when I plan out a path, I plan bigger, just because I know the whole 'I’ll have to upgrade' thing all too well. About mid-year 2014, I bought the single batch, 50 AMP, 11,000 watt control panel (in kit form). It took several months to build since the majority of my time was being monopolized by the Air Force’s C-130 Flight Engineer school I was attending. But the control panel went together nicely over time. When the panel and brewing system were finished, I had a good functioning 20 gal brewing system. I brewed only 5 or 6 batches on it since I was learning this new equipment’s full potential. It didn’t take me long to realize I needed bigger pots, AND a “BASEMENT BREWERY” just to be able to use this equipment the way it was designed for. Welcome to Callsign Brewing. Callsign beer is brewed by veterans to honor heroes. We name our beer after the call signs of lost military aircraft as a personal tribute to the men and women that have made that ultimate sacrifice to our country. Every callsign has a story behind it and a face to remember. We are one part military history, one part honoring our fallen and all parts great beer." - Steve S., Callsign Brewing, Kansas City MO (more photos, YouTube video)


"The Electric Brewery set up was a game changer for me. Having the ability to have more control over just about everything from temperature, to flow rate and so on. I was also able to set it up to be more customizable to what works for me as far as the pumps, whirlpooling, etc. I love the looks on people's faces when they get to brew on it at the shop. Definitely the best investment I made for my business." - Peter Tripp, Owner and Operator, Homebrews & Handgrenades, Baldwin NY (Peter can be seen here brewing with Gordon Strong, the president and highest ranking judge in the Beer Judge Certification Program (BJCP) - more information)


"Kal's setup is awesome, super reliable and the build was a blast." - Patrick C., Aldie VA (more photos of his Brutus to Electric conversion)


"If you want an advanced system, solid consistency, ease of use, long term investment, easy serviceability and a total wow factor, you can't beat The Electric Brewery." - Scott B. (read complete review)


"I've put nearly 150 batches on the system that was purchased from you as a kit. And after all of this time, I still love it. So thank you!" - Mike Bury (BJCP Grand Master III, Mead Certified, Exam Director, Assistant Competition Director)


"You’ve done the best job I’ve seen to date pulling together a comprehensive build plan for an electric system." - Brad Ring, Publisher, Brew Your Own magazine


"We completed our initial setup and ran our first run on Saturday ... I was thrilled with the way the system performed. What a joy it is to set it and forget it, to see a mash temp hold perfectly for 90 minutes, to be able to control multi-step mashes (I did a 3-step mash easily), to get to mashout perfectly without overshooting, 80+% efficiencies....I can go on and on." - Ray Pitts, Big Rock Brewery, Seattle WA


"I've brewed a couple of times on the panels and they work fantastically! So easy to hit and maintain where I need the temps to be." - Alex Thurston, Damnation Alley Distillery, Belmont MA


"We chose The Electric Brewery due to the commercial grade, quality, and flexibility. We immediately made numerous changes but it was a great jumping off point for our 3 bbl brewery." - Mad Horse Brewpub, Lovettsville VA


"Fantastic design. Efficient and reliable! Kal has combined a great system with fabulous customer service, and a commitment to continual improvement and support of its users! Truly feel like I'm part of an Electric Brewery Family!" - Rob K., Columbia PA


"I've been brewing for over thirty-five years and for all those years I've been wanting, needing and dreaming of a system with the capabilities of The Electric Brewery, now I will have it." - George H.


"I spent days and countless hours online looking at all of the fantastic pages that guide one through the project. You made it possible for an electrical ignoramus like me to adapt what I could afford from your system and build it. System works as advertised with 1/2 degree F mash temp control. Utterly fantastic. Major kudos!" - Mark of Hidden Well Brewery


"Your solution is elegantly engineered (and a bit over the top with bling), but that is what I love about it. From the 'click' of the relays, to the lights, your design has provided me with a very professional set up that I take pride in having constructed myself, as well as reducing the pressure (and thereby increasing pleasure) of my brew days. I typically brew on a Friday night, and I can pre-set my brewery to run while I'm putting my kids to bed." - Billy B., president, Canberra Brewers, Australia


"I jumped right in and my first brew ever was on my self built Kal clone. I had been looking at brew structures from More Beer or that approach for many many years. It was only once I found this site that I went from long term planning to getting out the credit card. Going electric sounded like (and was) such a good option for where I live. I [now] have an awesome, lifetime system. I make some great beer that friends love to enjoy. In fact I just won best of show and placed 1st and 2nd in a few categories at a recent BJCP beer contest (best in show was a variation of Electric Pale Ale)." - mvakoc


"I've only been brewing for a little over a year. I did a dozen or so extract batches and it wasn't long until I was being kicked out of the kitchen by my wife (it stinks in here, it makes a mess on the stove). So, I started poking around looking for a solution. It seemed that everyone did propane in the garage or outside. Neither really appealed to me (central NY gets mighty cold & snowy in the winter) and I figured there had to be a better way for brewing inside and I started looking for electric kettles, which led me here. Initially, the price tag put me off, but it was more sticker shock than anything else. Once I started pricing out components I quickly realized that for a mostly professional system - it wasn't going to be any more inexpensive. If you have the spare money - by all means, do it. I think that the steep learning curve to all-grain is fine-tuning equipment. Kal's system definitely smooths out a lot of the bumps, so why waste time learning what doesn't work (or work effectively) when other people have been through headaches? By not worrying about equipment, one can spend more time getting better at brewing beer." - FlyRodder


"I decided to order a built control panel, heating elements, power cord and HERMS coil from Kal and Mike. The build quality of all the products is top notch. The heating elements were easy to install and work great. The control panel is beautiful, and also works great. Part of my job is auditing the design of electronic controls, and the work looks better than a lot of the things I see at my job. It really is as nice as it looks in the pictures. ... The system is a joy to brew on. I feel like I'm in complete control of the process, instead of making calculated guesses and feeling lucky if I hit all my numbers on my old system ... the initial tasting samples taste significantly better than what I was producing on my old setup." - Zeppman (read complete review)


"I just brewed my first batch on my completed system last night. INCREDIBLE! Every aspect of the process is simpler, more enjoyable, and logical. Clean up was easy and accomplished while productive work was being done and my English Cask Bitter is fermenting like crazy." - Feurhund


"I attempted to design my own version of Kal's setup and when it was all said and done... I was just several hundred dollars away from Kal's full-blown panel. So I scrapped my design and followed Kal's plans. I had never done an all-grain brew before, so my first time was on my Electric Brewery. I think it made the transition to all-grain easier and I got a better product my first time out. The kicker was when I went to my local microbrewery and realized that their process was the same as Kal's." - kellzey


"We brewed our very first batch this past February on a clone of your system. We thoroughly enjoy the process and we are brewing beers we are quite pleased with. We have friends who are professional brewers and they are quite impressed with this set-up. As to the long term outlook, we have discovered a hobby that will take us through retirement. This brewery set-up is an absolute joy to brew on." - Ben58


"I was only looking at the propane fired breweries because that is all I had knowledge of. Then... I stumbled upon TheElectricBrewery.com. I remember thinking to myself... "I will never actually have a brewery that nice." "I don't have the skill..." etc. When I started this project, the most I had ever done with electricity was changing a light bulb! The more I thought about it, the more I realized that I was more than likely only ever going to build one brewery in my life. I might as well make it right the first time! Kal does such a good job of laying out the steps the build was VERY do-able. Now, as far as actually brewing on this rig... I could not be more pleased. I was intimidated by the all-grain mystique up until the point I had a carboy full of wort. Then, I stepped back and looked at what I had just done. My first all-grain brew and I did it solo all the while hitting ALL MY NUMBERS! That beer turned out to be an Award-Winning beer! The brewery got over 93% efficiency to-boot! I went straight into the racecar and got off the treadmill so-to-speak!" - Craig G.


"What an awesome setup, but I was really impressed when I saw your control panel. I'm an Instrumentation Tech in the Alberta Oilsands specializing in C&SU. I test and troubleshoot these panels as part of my job and most people visiting your site might not realize this, but your panel is of the same quality as what is used in the multi-billion dollar oil industry. Sold." - Ryan


"Just wanted to say hello and tell you how much i enjoy your website "the electric brewery". I'm a brewer, both commercially (7 barrel Grizzly Peak Brewing Company) and at home, and my current home setup is all electric. I'm looking at your setup as a way to power my Blichmann Boilermaker 1 barrel system. I must tell you how impressive your work is and how easy to understand the website has been. When my time comes to use your website as a tutorial I will be using the vendor links for supplies as well as making a contribution for your work. Thanks again and happy brewing. Prosit!" - Will L.


"First, I would like to say "thank you" for creating such a great website for homebrewers and beer enthusiasts to learn from. I have anticipated and read every page you have posted. For the engineeringly challenged, your site is a source that anyone, with a little determination and enough mechanical skill (and some spare hobby money), could pull their abilities together to build a brewery that has a clean look and is fully functional for the advanced brewer. So many brew station builds come out looking like a bad rendition of a junk yard. Today, individuals and groups want a system that invite people to come and brew with them, like you would invite your friends over to watch "the game". Your build is a prime example of the direction home brewing is going and definitely invites people to take a more serious interest in our hobby and craft. I can find control panels on beer forums, but I haven't liked their set-ups. Your control panel captivates the audience with pretty lights and alarms like moths to a flame :). Anyway, I'm just an admiring fan looking forward to seeing the brains behind the operation, and seriously, thank you again for putting such a great piece of brewing culture on the web for the layman to admire." - James B., Tulsa OK


"I tell people who look at the investment I made in my [The Electric Brewery] system that; being all stainless and easy to both use and replace parts if needed make it a "Family heirloom" that can be passed on for generations. You should never need to upgrade again."- Gary B.


"First off, thank you for putting together such a great site! It has the information that I needed to validate my own ideas of my home brewery. I have been brewing with propane for the past 5 years and have been tired of always lugging out the tanks and burner to brew (it would be nice to brew inside). Plus with electric being more efficient, and cheaper than propane (not to mention worrying about running out of gas). I have been looking to switch over to electric over the past year. Again thanks for a great site - your information is extremely helpful!" - Scott


"Just a quick thank you to Kal for creating an amazing resource. I started thinking about putting together an electric HERMS/HLT over a year ago. After I did some research I all but abandoned the idea due to my lack of knowledge when it comes to electrical components. After reading parts 1 and 2 of the control panel assembly I feel like I can tackle this project by myself, make the changes I want to make in my build, not ask 1000 questions that have already been answered, and NOT kill myself!" - SenorWanderer


"The level of documentation helps those of us with no electrical background to learn without getting lost in schematics, debates about minutia. Kal's been extremely responsive to my few emails to him, which is amazing given how much time he's putting into the documentation." - BrassMonkey


"This is just awesome!!! Even though Im not 100% electrically inclined, I do have an understanding, appreciation and respect for both electricity and the amount of time that Kal is putting into this. I am very mechanically inclined, so these straightforward schematics to me are just perfect! Even with the help of my brother in law who is an electrical engineer, most schematics become a little too overwhelming for me and there is no way that I would attempt to play with electricity if Im not 100% in the know.I guess what Im trying to say is Thank You for the direction that you are taking, it sure is helping me in the construction of my electric brewery!" - Cory


"What a fantastic piece of art and great craftsmanship. I have been following the progress of the Electric Brewery for a while and all I have to say is that I am stunned by your work. I was in the process of building a home brewery when I stumble upon your website and that changed my initial plan from gas powered to electrical as I will be able to brew all year long, inside in the basement. I was pleased to notice that safety was a unconditional issue on your part. Thanks for being such an inspiration to achieve a professional looking home brewery that I will be proud of." - Jean-François G.


"'The Electric Brewery' on the other hand, is not screwing around. When I found this site (thanks Reddit) I couldn’t believe my eyes. This guy created a brilliant, beautiful brewing setup. On top of creating this masterpiece, he provides a complete parts list and how-to on his website so you could do the same. This setup and website are, in my eyes, perfection. The overall cost of creating this system is under $6000 and that’s actually pretty great considering it’s made from all new parts, looks amazing and costs about $2 per session to brew your batch. I think with some Kickstarter funds and a Brewers license one could easily start up a Nanobrewery or small Brew On Premises business relatively easily." - Brewing-Genius


"I recently ordered the diy version of the brew controller and temperature probes. I started working on the controller first and must say, this kit is extremely well thought out. Buying from you was the way to go and sure took most of the stress away." - Brad W.


"I decided a few months ago that I just could not dedicate the time needed to build this control panel myself so I reached out to Kal and got things started. Kal and Mike have been more than helpful thus far. The communications along the way, pictures of the progress and emails every week or two really kept me in the loop and feeling assure that the panel was soon to be a reality.The professionalism in which the cabinet has been constructed is a tribute to Mike. All wires are neat, safely wrapped where needed and very organized. The packaging included all the electronic manuals and guidelines and each item individually wrapped to protect it during shipping. I can't wait to start brewing and provide some feedback on how this functions. I want to Thank Kal and Mike for the great service and communications, not to mention getting serial number 0001. If anyone has any concerns about ordering from these guys, rest assured, you will not be disappointed." - Mike Kennedy


"I am completely glad I made the large jump from an outdoor system to this system because it just plain works. Everything in this system is super repeatable, and the ability to take nearly all the variables out of the equation when you are trying to tweak your beers is beyond invaluable. It has allowed me to brew a recipe multiple times in a row, tweaking one item at a time, until I get it right." - Matt (NattyBrew)


"Having sold industrial automation for years, I think Kal's panel is a deal. If your going to do an electric system, your looking at at least a grand (probably more) [in parts] if you already own pots and other things, plus the value of your time. In the end, safety costs $$$. And Kal has thought that through, so the other grand is for piece of mind that you wont kill yourself. Thank you Kal." - dtfeld


"Having a lot of other projects and responsibilities my time is at a premium. I'm 85% through my Kal Panel build. From the cost of the parts, the time it takes to get a replacement volt meter because you burned yours out using a faulty transformer, etc, etc, $2100 [for the pre-built panel] is a tremendous bargain. While I'm sure I'll be proud to have done it myself.....Does anyone want to buy a 85% complete panel with all the parts for $1200? :) " - rvklein


"Since I am going through a 'suped up Kal 60amp build and buy electrical parts all the time, I will throw in my $0.02. This is a smokin' hot deal. I mean, are you kidding yourself? The time and material, alone, is well worth it. I'm surprised this is not selling for $5K. In our business, we get this all the time, "Wow, I can do that for cheaper and it looks easy." Good luck. If you have the money, buy it, it REALLY is a good deal." - Sparky


"Start building one to Kal's specs and you'll find that this assembled panel is a pretty good value. I'm building a simpler version, and easily have more than $1000 in parts alone and still have a few more items, like wire, to buy. Then there's the labor to cut out the panel, etc." - BierHerr


"Having built one of Kal's machines from scratch I can say ... Kal I hate you. If given the option [to purchase pre-assembled and tested] way back when I started I would have jumped on it. I can honestly say I've spent at least 1.5x that price on my Control Panel.Granted I've learned a lot and that's good too...but I still hate you (in a totally "love you" kind of way ;) )" - JayInJersey


"I built a stripped down version [of the control panel] (no alarms, no volt meter, no amp meter, no countdown timer, cheaper smaller case, less switches and lights) and I have about $900 in it. I still don't have labels on it. I spent about 20 hours working on it before it was operational. It's quite a task. I would definitely recommend someone to buy this pre-assembled and tested at this price." - bbognerks


"I probably spent a solid 2 weeks on it once I had everything I needed. The hardest part was all the [control panel] wiring/splicing. Otherwise its a pretty easy build and incredibly satisfying to see working when you're done. However, I would have been very tempted to buy a pre-made panel if they were available at the time. Even at that price its a really good deal. In fact, I'm using my Kal-Clone panel right now as I type this message!" - hatfieldenator (Jason)


"That looks great. After building my own [control panel] and knowing how much time, money and work is involved, your price is very cheap. Hope you sell a bunch." - Castermmt


"That is a bargain. I think I spent two solid days ordering all the parts. No way will I do that again. Next [control] panel will be purchased with a single click." - milldoggy