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There are various times during the brewing process where we need to take temperature readings outside of the kettles (such as when taking sparge samples or after chilling the wort). We use a waterproof digital probe thermometer to do this.

On the high end we have the ThermoWorks ThermaPen. This is the thermometer we recommend and use ourselves in our brewery. We also use a second one in the kitchen and for barbecuing.

These precision thermometers are made by hand in Worthing England by the family run company Electronic Temperature Instruments, Ltd.

The Thermoworks fold-away probe allows it to fit more easily into your pocket than conventional probe thermometers and also helps protect the probe. No exposed buttons or switches (the seldom used ones are in the battery compartment and the unit automatically turns off when you fold away the probe or isn't used for a while).

It is more accurate than the lower priced thermometers we recommend as it has 2-point calibration instead of 1-point (you can set both the temperature offset and the linearity instead of just an offset so it will read more accurately over a wide temperature range).

It takes less than 3 seconds to take a reading so it is almost twice as fast as the ThermoWorks RT600C. Most of the time it takes less than a second. It even comes with a NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) certificate of calibration showing the test results of the actual thermometer you purchased.

Best of all, it comes in various colours for the fashion conscious brewer. ;)

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