Unflavoured gelatin

Knox Original Unflavored Gelatin

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All beer will eventually clear on its own if given enough time. For some beers we prefer to speed up the process as follows: Slowly dissolve one pouch of Knox unflavoured gelatin (shown in picture) or approximately 6-8 grams of similar unflavoured gelatin (per 5 gallons of beer) in a cup of warm distilled water and stir for a few minutes. Once clear, add it to the beer. The beer will become noticeably clearer within a few hours and be very clear within 2-3 days as the gelatin pulls suspended yeast and other solids to the bottom and forms a layer of sediment that will be left behind when packaging.

Using gelatin may "round off" some hop flavour / aroma so we do not tend to use it on hop forward beers like Pale Ales, IPAs, or NEIPAs. If you prefer to drink hop forward beers like this fresh then we recommend not using gelatin in order to keep the beer as vibrant as possible. We feel it makes sense in beers that you want as clear as possible such as light lagers, a Kolsch, or even a Pilsner. Try both ways and see which you prefer!

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