16x16x8" enclosure pre-punched and painted for Standard 30A Control Panel


Our kit enclosures are custom made for us and result in less work for you. There is no need to move the ground post, no need to seal and sand the bottom cable plate, and no need to prime and paint as the enclosure is already professionally powder coated with an industrial flat textured charcoal/black finish. Locking door and key included.

The enclosure door, top and bottom are pre-punched for our Standard 30A Electric Brewery Control Panel layout and the parts we sell. The back plate is not drilled or tapped, allowing you to lay out your parts as you see fit. 

A pre-punched enclosure saves a ton of work and ensures that all of the parts line up perfectly (and you are less likely to scratch up the enclosure by accident as no cutting is required). Requires less tools too.

Purchase a heat sink at the same time we will tap the heat sink for you and include mounting bolts at no extra cost.

Included in our Standard 30A Electric Brewery Control Panel (DIY Kits).

Note: For best fit we highly recommend that the handles and all bottom receptacles be purchased from us at the same time as sizing can vary from one manufacturer to another. There are no industry standards to the hole size or mounting screw layout of receptacles so every manufacturer is slightly different. Our pre-punched enclosure bottom receptacle hole sizes have varied over the years.

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