Hop Stopper

Hop Stopper Standard and XL sizes

Extract every last drop of wort, save time, and maximize hop flavour! Stop using inefficient bags, tea balls, or hop spiders in your boil kettle as they limit hop utilization - let your hops roam free! The Hop Stopper 2.0 maximizes hop and hot/cold break filtration while saving time. No after boil recirculation required, no settling time required, no whirlpool required. Start draining immediately after the boil to better lock in those bright late addition hop flavours. Works equally well with intensely hop-heavy IPAs, DIPAs, and NEIPAs with pounds of hops, to delicate light lagers with only an ounce or two. Pair with the Hop Stopper 2.0 Keg Edition for the best filtering in the keg - no more clogged dip tubes or hop bits in your glass! 

Which Hop Stopper is right for me?

Hop Stoppers are available for boil kettles for just about any manufacturer including various fittings types (NPT, TC, friction fit, etc.) as well as corny serving kegs (most popular options listed below). Not sure what's right for you or don't see your kettle listed below? Contact us with your kettle brand, size, and type of fitting.