1mL (1 cc) syringe (without needle)

1mL (1 cc) syringe (without needle)

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We use a 1mL (1 cc) syringe without a needle (shown in picture) for dispensing 88% lactic acid and various pH meter solutions. Simple. Effective. No need for anything fancier.

A syringe (without needle) can also be used to mimic serving beer on a stout faucet pushed by a 70/30 nitrogen/CO2 blend, producing a nice creamy head and close to flat beer. To do this, pour the beer as you would normally and then suck up a syringe full and force it back into the beer, hard. Repeat 2-3 times and you'll knock most of the CO2 out of solution leaving a nearly flat beer with a creamy head. Not quite the same texture, but similar to a nitro pour. We tried this for years before finally adding a real nitrogen/CO2 serving setup to our basement bar.

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