Activated carbon water filter

Activated carbon water filtration system

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Some brewers choose to use an activated carbon water filter (shown in picture) to remove chlorine.

Carbon based filters remove less chlorine as they become saturated, and the amount removed is directly related to the speed at which the water is passed through the filter. So how do you know when to change your filter or at what speed to filter? Good question. We have no idea!

This is why we use potassium metabisulfite instead. It's quick, dirt cheap, and works instantaneously.

Note that activated carbon filters are not overly effective on chloramine. A more advanced reverse osmosis filtration system is required. These advanced systems remove minerals as well so they are often used by brewers with hard water (water with high levels of salts/minerals) to reduce the count to acceptable levels based on the beer style that is being brewed.

For more information see our Water Adjustment guide.

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