Reverse osmosis filtration system

Reverse osmosis filtration system

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Reverse osmosis (RO) filtration systems (shown in picture) remove 98%+ of contaminants from water, leaving mostly pure H2O, close to distilled water.

Activated carbon filters are not overly effective at removing chloramine from water, requiring a more advanced reverse osmosis filtration systems such as this. That said, if all you want to do is remove chloramine we recommend using potassium metabisulfite instead. It's quick, dirt cheap, and works instantaneously.

So when to use a reverse osmosis setup? Brewers with very hard water (full of minerals) such as well water will often use these advanced filtration systems to reduce their mineral count to acceptable levels based on the beer style that is being brewed. Many find it much simpler than having to purchase RO or distilled water.

If you're on a well or your water is very hard, consider installing an RO filtration system to create your brewing water. Keep in mind that these systems are generally slow and inefficient (there is a lot of water wasted) so with most systems you'll have to plan ahead and start making your RO water a day or two in advance.

For more information see our Water Adjustment guide.

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