Brew Bucket stainless steel fermenter

Brew Bucket stainless steel fermenter

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Hybrid fermenting vessels such as the Brew Bucket Stainless Steel Fermenter (shown in picture) combine many of the benefits of the plastic buckets, glass carboys, and conical fermenters into one.

They are reasonably easy to clean, sturdy, provide a good oxygen barrier for long term storage, can be sanitized effectively. The price point falls midway between less expensive plastic buckets / glass carboys and more expensive conical fermenters. It is the fermenter that we use most of the time. We use two to allow for yeast, dry hop, and temperature experimentation.

We use the 7 gallon model and replaced the standard (flat) lid with a domed lid with a 3" tri-clamp fitting as it provides more room for krausen and to make it easier to use an aeration wand and to add dry hops. A 3" tri-clamp cap and 90 degree hose barb are used to connect 1/2" silicone tubing (make sure to use a hose clamp) as a blow off hose that is placed in a jar half full of water to create an airlock. Much less likely to clog as compared to a standard airlock.

Most of the time we use these stainless steel fermentation buckets in wine fridges that can be set from 39 to 64F, allowing a wide variety of beers to be produced from lagers to ales without any additional modifications (no need for a separate temperature controller). Integrated chilling solutions may also be added instead of using a fridge.

For complete details see our Fermenting and Packaging guide.

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