Laboratory support stand with retort ring and clamp

Laboratory support stand with retort ring and clamp

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We've never been overly comfortable with larger flasks sitting on small stir plates as things do sometimes vibrate slightly and some yeast can get pretty chunky as it reproduces (like WLP002) which may eventually throw the stir bar, causing more bumps. So we use a heavy lab support stand with ways to hold the flask, just to be safe. Last thing you want is litres of sticky wort dumped all over the counter a day or two before you want to brew, losing most of your yeast.

The stand we use is from EISCO and is perfect as it comes with both a retort ring (perfect for a 2L flask) and a clamp (perfect for a larger 5L flask).

Using laboratory grade equipment in the brewery also looks pretty darned cool. People tend to take your beer more seriously. ;)

For more information see our Making a Yeast Starter guide.

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