Magnetic lab stirrer / stir plate

Apera 801 magnetic Lab Stirrer / Stir Plate

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We use the Apera 801 magnetic lab stirrer / stir plate (shown in picture) for making yeast starters. Smaller units like this work great with flasks up to 5L in size as long as you use a lab support stand. No need for a heated stir plate. Starters are best made at or slightly above room temperature and the friction combined with fermentation will create a bit of heat.

This stir plate is powerful enough to create an air funnel that reaches all the way to the bottom of a full 5L flask which helps aerate the wort. Comes with two stir bars (1.18" and 1.38"). We recommend using the 1.18" size and purchasing spares.

Large stir plates are available but they're often huge, considerably more expensive, come with features we don't need (like timers), and take up a lot more room.

For more information see our Making a Yeast Starter guide.

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