Large heat sink

Custom black anodized heat sink, 10 x 5.375 x 1.375 inch

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Large black anodized heat sinks are nearly impossible to find at reasonable prices. To make life easier for those who wish to build their own control panel, we've partnered with a US manufacturer to purchase large aluminum heat sinks in volume and then professionally anodize them in batches to reduce the cost. Black anodized aluminum radiates heat better than silver non-anodized aluminum, which in turn increases cooling efficiency and extends the life of the components being cooled. For more information see our heat sink order page.

We purposely use an oversized heat sink (as shown in the picture) to ensure adequate cooling which is turn extends the life of the SSRs. This heat sink is large enough to fit 4 SSRs.

Purchase at the same time as one of our pre-punched enclosures (or control panel kits with pre-punched enclosure) and we will tap the heat sink for you and include mounting bolts at no extra cost.

This heat sink is included in our control panel kits.

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