Custom black anodized heat sink, 10" x 5.375" x 1.375"


This oversized custom heat sink is made in the USA and perfectly suited for the 16x16x8" enclosures used by our Electric Brewery Control Panels. It weighs in at a hefty 3.7 lbs and is black anodized for increased cooling efficiency (see below). While it has space for up to five SSRs, with only one or two running at a time (per our designs) the heat sink stays cool to the touch which extends the life of the SSRs.

The height of the heat sink is purposely matched to be the exact same height as the 5" handles we use on our control panels. A perfect fit which protects the heat sink.

Purchase at the same time as one of our pre-punched enclosures and we will tap the heat sink (for two SSRs and enclosure mounting) and include the mounting bolts at no extra cost. Simply add both items to your cart and choose the 'FREE' option below.

Included in our Electric Brewery Control Panel kits.


Large black anodized heat sinks are nearly impossible to find at reasonable prices. We spent months and months scouring eBay to find one single used heat sink to use on our personal control panel and still ended up spending over $100 USD once all was said and done.

Not only does a black anodized aluminum heat sink look better aesthetically (in our opinion), it also radiates heat better than a similar silver non-anodized heat sink. The emissivity of anodized aluminum is 0.85 while unfinished is only 0.05. Cooling can be increased by approximately 10 to 45%, depending on the application. (Source: Avid Thermalloy)

To save cost, we purchase these heat sinks in volume and then have them professionally anodized in batches to a custom black finish to match the control panel.

An optional upgrade to have the heat sink pre-tapped is available and includes six 10-24 (3/8" length) bolts for mounting the heat sink to the enclosure and four 6-32 (3/8" length) bolts for mounting two SSRs to the heat sink. Purchase at the same time as one of our pre-punched enclosures and we will tap the heat sink for you and include mounting bolts at no extra cost.



"I received my order today and want to give a BIG THANKS to Mike for a fantastic job! The anodized, black heat sink is sooo beautiful. Excellent packing, great communication - a fantastic job! Keep up the great work and looking forward to MORE products (like the SS HLT coil)." - Sparky 


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