Wall mount pre-rinse unit with faucet

BK Resources BKF-VSMPR-WB-AF12-G Lead Free Work Force Value Pre-Rinse Faucet, 8 inch, Splash Mount with 12 inch add on Faucet Included

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Our commercial grade sink and pre-rinse unit (spray wash arm) with faucet are by far the most used "tools" in our brewery. From filling the Hot Liquor Tank with water at the start of the brew day, to chilling wort at the end, and cleaning everything from kettles to kegs and everything in-between. Highly recommended.

Make sure to choose a pre-rinse unit that fits your sink. The distance between the taps will vary (8" center is common) and both deck (vertical installation) and wall mount (horizontal installation) are available. The add-on faucet comes in handy when you don't want to use the spray arm.

Our pre-rinse unit is from BK Resources (shown in picture) with a 12" add-on faucet.

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