Electric Brewery temperature probe cable only (DIY Kit)


These cables include a 3-pin disconnect at the probe end and a female XLR connector at the control panel end. Includes two layers of sleeving, a stainless steel wire rope, and high quality 3:1 ratio heat shrink tubing for ultimate protection. Detachable for easy cleaning, available in custom lengths and colours. DIY kit. You supply the tools. Probe tip is sold separately.

Contact us for custom lengths.

How long are the cables?

The standard probe cables are 6 feet long. These may be increased to 8 foot or 12 foot length. Contact us for custom lengths.


What cable colours are available?

Brewers love their designer colours, so our temperature probe cables are available in seven different shades of expandable braided sleeving:

Each cable comes with two layers of sleeving and a stainless steel wire rope to protect the wires. The inside sleeving is always black, the outside colour is up to you. 


I want to build my own. What's included in the DIY kits?

We include all the parts you need:

You'll also need to supply the following tools:

Assembly instructions are available in our Complete Guide to Building your Home Brewery or online here.


I'm building a custom setup. How are the wires mapped/configured?

Our temperature probes have three wires: Two red (positive) and one white (negative). The two red wires are interchangeable.

The two red wires connect to XLR pins 1 and 3, and the white wire connects to XLR pin 2.

If using one of our control panels, the two red wires connect to PID controller screws 3 and 4 (order does not matter) while the white wire connects to PID controller screw 5.


Are the cables interchangeable? 

Yes. Any of our temperature probe tips can be used with any of our temperature probe cables.


Visit the official Custom Temperature Probe product thread in our forum.

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