Electric Brewery temperature probe, 1/2" NPT, 1.5" probe length (Pre-Assembled)


NPT (tapered) thread probes are normally attached directly to plumbing, or existing kettle fittings. Mounts into 1/2" NPT thread (as well as 1/2" BSPP and BSPT). The 1.5" long probe (measured from the back part of the threads to the probe tip) can be screwed directly into our 1/2" NPT stainless steel tee without hitting the back wall of the tee.

Simply wrap the threads with telfon tape and screw in to fasten. Includes two layers of sleeving, a stainless steel wire rope with 150lb break strength, and high quality 3:1 ratio heat shrink tubing for ultimate protection. Detachable for easy cleaning, available in custom lengths and colours. Pre-assembled and ready to use. Includes water-resistant/splash-proof silicone temperature probe cap.

Contact us for custom lengths.

Due to the custom nature of this product please allow up to 1 week lead time.

Our temperature probes use RTD (resistive thermal device) Pt100 sensors instead of K-type thermocouples (TC) as they offer greater accuracy over the brewing temperature range. RTDs also remain more accurate over time (less drift which means less re-calibration).


I'm confused. What temperature probes do I need and how many?

If you're building your brewery following our instructions, you'll be attaching three probes to Blichmann kettles. Order one M14x1.5 Metric with 2" probe length and two 1/2" NPT with 1.5" probe length:

  • Our Boil Kettle uses M14x1.5 Metric with 2" probe length in the kettle wall. A Metric (straight) thread is used as the probe is secured to the kettle wall with a nut. An NPT (tapered) thread will not work.
  • Our Hot Liquor Tank & Mash Lauter Tun each use 1/2" NPT with 1.5" probe length as the probe screws into a stainless steel NPT tee fitting at the kettle output valve.

Using different kettles or building something different? See our selection of probe styles and lengths for just about any kettle. Contact us for custom orders.


What NPT probe sizes are available?

Various NPT probe sizes are available:

There is no benefit to using one over the other. If you're building your brewery following our instructions, we recommend the 1/2" NPT thread probe.

Need something different? See our selection of probe styles and lengths for just about any kettle. Contact us for custom orders.


How long are the cables?

The standard probe cables are 6 feet long. These may be increased to 8 foot or 12 foot length. Contact us for custom lengths.


What cable colours are available?

Brewers love their designer colours, so our temperature probe cables are available in seven different shades of expandable braided sleeving:

Each cable comes with two layers of sleeving and a stainless steel wire rope to protect the wires. The inside sleeving is always black, the outside colour is up to you. 


Do the pre-assembled temperature probes require any work?

No, they are pre-assembled and ready to use. Simply plug them in. No soldering or assembly required, no special tools required.


I'm building a custom setup. How are the wires mapped/configured?

Our temperature probes have three wires: Two red (positive) and one white (negative). The two red wires are interchangeable.

The two red wires connect to XLR pins 1 and 3, and the white wire connects to XLR pin 2.

If using one of our control panels, the two red wires connect to PID controller screws 3 and 4 (order does not matter) while the white wire connects to PID controller screw 5.


Are the cables interchangeable? 

Yes. Any of our temperature probe tips can be used with any of our temperature probe cables.


Can the probes be used in a thermowell? 

Yes. Some kettles come with thermowells (usually 1/2" NPT or Tri-Clover). Thermowells help protect the probe from damage during cleaning or from overzealous brewers with mash paddles where the probe is buried in grist and can't be seen.

Simply screw the temperature probe tip into the thermowell and then connect the cable. To ensure the fastest heat transfer reaction time, first fill the air gap in the thermowell with a silicone based heat transfer compound.

We also carry temperature probes meant for thermowells.


Is a BSP threaded version available?

Our NPT probes may be used as is on BSP fittings of the same size. Both the 1/2" and 1/4" NPT threaded probes thread well into both BSPP and BSPT fittings of the same size. In other words, if you need to attach a temperature probe to a 1/2" BSP fitting or tee, order a 1/2" NPT probe.



Sensor: RTD (resistive thermal device) Pt100
Max sensor temperature: 248 °F (120 °C)
Accuracy: Class A (+/- 0.15°C at 0°C) per International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) 60751
Alpha coefficient: 0.003850



"When it came time for me to buy my temp probes I looked at how much the parts were off Amazon & whatever other suppliers I would of needed (at a minimum three different suppliers). In the end I felt I was getting a bargain buying from you, paying shipping only once, plus I knew that everything would come in one package (which I received in less than 3 days, thank you). I hate having everything I need to build something... minus one part. errr. On top of all that I was happy to support this site by buying directly from the same folk who inspired me to buy these parts in the first place." - Grandequeso (Fred), Journeyman Electrician

"I received my order today and want to give a BIG THANKS to Mike for a fantastic job! Mike went the extra mile on the temp probes, per my spec's. Excellent packing, great communication - a fantastic job! The end product is perfect, like I did it myself, except without the scraped knuckles! Keep up the great work and looking forward to MORE products." - Sparky


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