Temperature probe tip, 1/2" NPT for thermowell


NPT (tapered) thread probes are normally attached directly to plumbing, or existing kettle fittings. Stainless steel probe body. Mounts into 1/2" NPT thread (as well as 1/2" BSPP and BSPT). Tip/wire length is 6.7" long, intended for use in a thermowell with inner diameter larger than 4mm (5/32"). Includes heat sink grease to ensure thermal conductivity. Detachable connector with a spring lock. Cable sold separately. Includes water-resistant/splash-proof silicone temperature probe cap.

Our temperature probes use RTD (resistive thermal device) Pt100 sensors instead of K-type thermocouples (TC) as they offer greater accuracy over the brewing temperature range. RTDs also remain more accurate over time (less drift which means less re-calibration).


Are temperature probe tips interchangeable? 

Yes. Any of our temperature probe tips can be used with any of our temperature probe cables.


Why use a thermowell? 

Some kettles come with thermowells (usually 1/2" NPT or Tri-Clover). Thermowells help protect the probe from damage during cleaning or from overzealous brewers with mash paddles where the probe is buried in grist and can't be seen.

Simply screw the temperature probe tip into the thermowell and then connect the cable. To ensure the fastest heat transfer reaction time, use the included heat sink grease between the probe tip and the thermo well wall.



Sensor: RTD (resistive thermal device) Pt100
Max sensor temperature: 248 °F (120 °C)
Accuracy: Class A (+/- 0.15°C at 0°C) per International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) 60751
Alpha coefficient: 0.003850

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