Standard 30A Electric Brewery Control Panel Wiring Kit


This kit is intended for someone who wants to source all of the major control panel parts themselves but is having difficulty finding these smaller parts. It includes everything you need to wire up your Standard 30A Electric Brewery Control Panel nice and neat as per the instructions on our website. A wire stripper and crimper will be required.

These parts are already included in our Standard 30A Electric Brewery Control Panel (DIY Kit).




"I just received the wiring set. The order was handled very well. I asked them to add an extra fuseholder and the two 8-position strips, which was no problem at all. I received an additional PayPal bill the same day to cover the additional cost. Packaging was very well done, with plenty of bubblewrap and other protection. (Although not much of this can be damaged, it is nice for an international shipment to make it across the ocean to Norway without damage). All items are nicely labeled and a part list was also included. Just to say that I am a happy customer." - Maarten


Visit our official Electric Brewery Control Panel Wiring Kit product thread in our forum.

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