The Complete Guide to Building Your Brewery

An electronic book version of the main build instructions on our website perfect for reading offline, printing, or just having a backup. Available for immediate download - no waiting!

Over 380 pages of detailed step by step instructions with hundreds of pictures and diagrams. Suitable for printing on standard 8.5x11" paper or reading offline with an ebook reader, iPad, etc.

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Our complete guide includes everything you need to know about building your own Electric Brewery using non-proprietary industrial grade components to ensure long term serviceability (read why this is important). We show you what's needed, where to get it, and how to assemble it in easy to follow steps. No need to understand electrical schematics or AutoCAD drawings!

Build a brewery capable of producing anywhere from 5 to 30+ gallons of beer using a standard dryer or stove outlet commonly found in most North American homes. 100% electric makes it safe, easy, and enjoyable to use indoors. Built with industrial quality parts that are made to last, this brewery is designed for extremely repeatable and consistent results that do not limit the brewer in any way.

We've never had had any issues or problems with our Electric Brewery. We've never had a stuck sparge, never missed a target gravity, never had over/under temperature issues, and never had clogged valves or pump priming issues. Our setup just works which allows us to focus our attention on the fun aspects of brewing instead of fighting with the equipment to get it to work correctly.

Look forward to the days when you brew! Hobbies like brewing are supposed to be enjoyable!


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27 mb colour PDF file, 386 pages.
Suitable for printing on standard 8.5x11" paper or reading offline with a PC or Mac, tablet, smart phone, ebook reader, etc.



"I recently moved and had the opportunity to consider taking the one pot / malt extract brewing that I had been doing for 6 years to another level. After looking into the many systems available through internet searching and talking with other brewers I decided to take the plunge and go to all grain brewing. There are many systems out there (some by large manufactures like Blichmann to multiple smaller companies with a proprietary approach). I settled on The Electric Brewery because it appeared to me to be the most thoughtfully designed. After making the decision I've come to appreciate that when you work with The Electric Brewery you get more than a brewing system, you get technical assistance and valuable guidance that is immeasurable. I'm not an engineer and needed a lot of "hand holding" - Kal and his staff were there to guide me every step of the way. His website has an unbelievable amount of information on how to do and where to buy and his step by step book (The Complete Guide to Building Your Brewery) is remarkably detailed and a must read for anyone thinking of building an electric brewery." - Pat C., Murrells Inlet, SC


"I chose to go with The Electric Brewery first because I needed to brew all grain indoors year round. Only electric heating elements are building code compliant where I live. The Electric Brewery setup is incredible. It is elegant, brewhouse efficient, affordable, flexible in both implementation and function, and has incredible WOW factor. One can choose to DIY entirely or to have some components pre-built. The instructions and links to supplies, components and tools are simply brilliant. My non-brewing DIY friends are amazed at Kal's website. The ability to control temperature is a major advantage of this setup. It allows both beginning brewers and experienced brewers the opportunity to brew high quality beer and reproduce it again and again." - Jim H., Asheville NC (more photos)


"BLUF (bottom line up front): If you want to step up your brewing game, there is absolutely no question that The Electric Brewery is the way to go. We had four basic goals in mind when deciding what route to go with our brewing setup. It had to be: functional, flexible, durable, and repeatable. Functional in that it was intuitive to use and adequately controlled our brewing process. Flexible with respect to its use over the range of brewing operations (from home brewing, to nano, to pilot systems). Durable in its design and components such that it would stand the test of time and not require special/proprietary tooling or components in order for it to operate over many years. Then lastly, we wanted a repeatable process and final product to be created. We were done with the inconsistencies from batch to batch and wanted to make beer that people would come to love and could rely on its quality and consistency. The Electric Brewery fulfills all these needs and more. It has become a cornerstone feature in a space designed to bring people together. It easily becomes a talking point when seen by any newcomer but also on brew day allows enough control over the process that you can engage others in conversation and allow them an introduction to the brewing process. However, at the same time is not so automated that you no longer feel like a brewer and simply a button pusher. The cost for a brewery like this is not insignificant. Our mindset in doing so was with lofty goals for the future but also to truly build a family heirloom. This. Will. Last. No doubt. We opted to go with one of the pre-built 50amp 30+ gallon panels. We felt this panel allowed for the greatest brewing flexibility, as mentioned earlier. Then after much research and reading on Kal's forum we found the pre-built panel to make the most sense for both financial and time investments. After brewing on it for over a year we have never thought twice about the decision. Amazing product, incredible customer service that is immeasurably personal, and all from a home brewer just trying to give back to the community. We'll support that. Cheers!" - Scott B., Libertyville, IL (@signalcharliebrew on Instagram)


"At the Brooklyn Brewery, we chose the Electric Brewery’s Control Panel for our pilot system as it allows us to have tight and repeatable controls throughout the brewing process, just like we do on our 50bbl production system. This means new recipes that we develop on a small scale are more reliable when it comes to full-scale production. Consistency is very important to us as professional Brewers, and the Electric Brewery’s Control Panel ensures we have that at even the earliest stages of research and development." - Jimmy Valm, Production Manager at Brooklyn Brewery, Brooklyn NY (more photos)


"As many of you brewers may have started with extract brewing, so did I. Local fresh ingredients were just too hard to come by. My progression went from stovetop in the kitchen to propane burners in the garage. Then I came across Kal’s website! I drooled, researched, and prepped for the inevitable. The day finally came when I bit the bullet and bought into the electric craze!!! I’m a person who doesn’t mind reading directions and Kal has wrote probably the most descriptive tutorials I’ve came across. Not just the panel which to me is the heart and soul of the brew process but all aspects of the layout and equipment. Well done!" - Paul M., Tennessee


"I spent several years reading home brewing forums, searching periodicals and websites, and comparing every component that could go into building my dream home brewery. My prerequisites included the need to brew indoors, an efficient and practical way to control the brewing process in an easily reproducible fashion, and a brewery that was as beautiful as it was functional. Early in my search I found and Kal's Control Panel. The panel very much appeals to my sense of aesthetic and function. It's elegant and refined and yet intuitive and simple. It's a professional grade control panel at the fraction of professional cost. No other company I looked into made anything that came close, in my opinion. If you want a safe and attractive way to make the best beer you can, then do your research and come back to The Electric Brewery. Totally worth it!" - Kevan M., Coeur d'Alene ID (more photos)


"The Brew on Premises that we built using TheElectricBrewery control panel and design is a cornerstone to our business. We've brewed over 1000 batches on it and ALL the equipment and components are still working like the day we got them." - Douglas Amport, Co-Owner, Bitter & Esters (Brooklyn's first do-it-yourself brewery)


"I have been home brewing for over 25 years and decided it was time to build the ultimate brew system that would give me the precision and repeatability I was looking for from brew to brew. I spent a year researching brew configurations and based on my research and personal experience, Kal's system was my choice. The reviews from other brewers on the build and use of his system convinced me and my brew buddies that an all electric indoor system laid out in Kal's configuration was the way to go. I have now brewed ten beers on the system and have my eight taps brimming with top notch beers! I went so far as to replicate Kal's bar/brewery layout in a way that fit my space, and I liked the brew controller so much that I built my own fermentation and refrigeration controller using the same box, LED color scheme and other elements to make them look like a matched pair. When asked what brewing is like by buddies who don't brew, the usual answer is, 'A lot of cleaning that results in beer!'. I find that on this system cleanup is a breeze. I am a hop head and stout fan and love double IPAs and rich chocolatey imperial stouts. This system can handle both without any issue. Thank you Kal and Mike from me and my brew crew!" - JonyMac, Manassas, VA (more photos)


"Just received my electric brewery today and went through the contents and everything else. As everything arrived in perfect condition and looking at it all, especially, the control panel was impressively assembled. I'm glad I went down this avenue. I spent a good 10-15 minutes just staring at the inside of the chassis admiring the design and work. I have to say it was worth the wait. I ran the HLT elements, and it really heats up the water super fast. Way more efficient compared to direct fire. Thanks all, for a great product. Definitely a satisfied customer here." - Ian Cameron, founder Lochiel Brewing, Mesa AZ (1bbl brewhouse, 2bbl fermenters) (more photos)


"Once we decided to install a basement brewery in our home I put in countless hours of research on every single piece of necessary equipment. When it came to controlling our 20 gallon system there really is no other choice to make except The Electric Brewery, all other options for me were a compromise that I was unwilling to make. Besides the obvious 'wow' factor, the panel is easy to operate and allows us to achieve repeatable results on our beers. I would highly recommend The Electric Brewery system to anyone who is looking to do the same. Once you’ve completed your own research you’ll discover, as I did, that there is really only one way to go. Thanks Kal!" - John R., Almost Famous Brewing Co., Olathe KS


"Kal, This past weekend was the first brew on the new equipment. A Russian Imperial Stout. Hit all the numbers. Your control panel was an absolute pleasure to use. What a beautiful, intuitive, functional piece of brewing kit. Please thank Mike. The build quality exceeded my already lofty expectations." - York, Pennsylvania (more photos)


"You’ve done the best job I’ve seen to date pulling together a comprehensive build plan for an electric system." - Brad Ring, Publisher, Brew Your Own magazine



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