45-bottle wine cooler or 124-can beverage center

Danby model DWC458BLS 45-bottle wine coolers

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We use two small fridges (with the shelves removed) to control the fermentation temperature of our modified stainless steel fermentation buckets. They fit perfectly under one of our 24x48" stainless steel work tables with backsplash, with the lower shelf removed. 

Two identical models are available that only differ in the style of shelving that is offered (which we remove anyway):

Internal dimensions: 15-3/8" wide, 27-3/8" high, and 17.5" deep. There is a compressor hump at the bottom back of the fridge which reduces the depth by 5-1/2" up to a height of 8-1/4".

For more information see our Fermenters guide.

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