Taylor 9842 commercial waterproof digital thermometer

Taylor 9842 commercial waterproof digital thermometer

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There are various times during the brewing process where we need to take temperature readings outside of the kettles (such as when taking sparge samples or after chilling the wort). We use a waterproof digital probe thermometer to do this.

On the low end we recommend the Taylor 9842 Commercial Waterproof Digital Thermometer (shown in picture). It works from -40 to 450F, has an auto shut-off feature, a calibration knob, and (most importantly) is completely waterproof.

It's a bit on the slow side, as it can take up to 10 seconds or more to take a reading.

For a step up in speed and quality, consider the ThermoWorks RT600C. For the best thermometer (the one we use and recommend), see the ThermoWorks Thermapen.

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