Chugger Mini Max TEFC pump, stainless steel head, center inlet, 115/230V (TCPSS-CI)


Tough little continuous-duty pump that can be non-stop for extended periods. Handles liquids up to 250° F and has a TEFC (Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled) dual voltage motor (user selectable 115VAC and 230VAC). Consider this pump over the other models primarily if you prefer something much quieter and splash resistant (see complete list of benefits below).

Comes standard with a 4'7" bare cord (no plug). To use with our control panels make sure to upgrade to the L5-15 (125VAC, 15A) locking plug or L6-15 (250VAC, 15A) locking plug. Extension cords also available.


This pump features a stainless steel head that is much more resilient than the more common polysulfone (plastic) heads found in some models. Very important if you plan on adding stainless fittings such as a coupler and elbows as the plastic heads are easy to crack when tightening.

The pump's magnetic drive acts as a clutch allowing you to put backpressure on the pump to control liquid flow. We recommending doing this by placing a ball valve on the output (never the input!) of the pump. This is one major advantage of a magnetic drive pump: They are perfectly safe to run with the output completely blocked, completely stopping the flow of liquid. You won't harm the pump motor.

One disadvantage of magnetic drive pumps however is that they are not self-priming (they cannot clear air in the input lines by themselves). This means that these pumps must be placed lower than the liquid source so that gravity feeds the pump such that the the pump head becomes flooded before being turned on. 

The larger 3/4" center positioned inlet (as compared to the more common 1/2" bottom-positioned inlet) makes priming easy. A common complaint from brewers with 1/2" inlet pumps is that they require extra work to prime through specially installed bleeder valves and/or by playing with the hoses. These are not required when using this pump and following our brewery design.

See our Pumps guide for more information.


March? Chugger? What's the difference?

For brewing purposes both manufacturers offer pumps with similar performance characteristics. The differences are somewhat more intangible:

March Chugger 
Max flow rate 8 GPM 7 GPM
Thrust washers* 1 1-2
Cord length 6 foot (115V)
3 foot (230V)
4 foot 7 inch
Warranty 1 year
(2 years if warranty card is registered)
6 months
Manufactured  March manufacturing plant in Glenview Illinois USA, and China China
In business since 1950s 2000s

*Most Chugger pumps have two thrust washers (one large, one small) while March only uses the smaller one that sits closer towards the motor. Thrust washers are bearing (contact) surfaces and do need to replaced periodically as they wear out. Most brewers should get a few years between replacements. If the pump starts to make rattling noises it's time to check the thrust washer(s). More information


Why choose the TCPSS-CI pump over other models?

This Chugger TCPSS-CI pump with TEFC (Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled) motor features the following advantages over the more commonly found models:

  • Splash resistant due to the sealed design. Note that this this pump is not wash down rated. Do not take a hose directly to this pump!
  • Much quieter than the other open vent models.
  • Dual voltage (115VAC and 230VAC) selectable by an internal switch. (Not really much of a benefit in our eyes).
  • Separate on/off switch (useful if not using one of our control panels with integrated pump control).
  • Sealed bearings means that oiling is not necessary.

The pumping performance between the TCPSS-CI and other Chugger models is similar (same impeller/same head).


Plug and cord upgrades

Optional upgrades are available to include a NEMA L5-15 (125VAC, 15A) twist lock electrical plug or L6-15 (250VAC, 15A) twist lock electrical plug and to have the cord wrapped in 1/4" carbon colour expandable braided sleeving with 3/8" black heat shrink tubing at each end. 

We use and recommend turn-lock or 'locking' plugs as they plug in like any normal plug but then are turned slightly to lock them in place to prevent accidental disconnection. While not absolutely required, it's an added safety precaution.

See our Pumps guide for more information.



All materials that come in contact with wort or water are FDA food compliant.

Pump head housing (front and back): 316 Stainless Steel
Thrust washer: Teflon™
O-ring: Clear silicone
Impeller: Ryton/Teflon™



Inlet: 3/4" NPT male
Outlet: 1/2" NPT male
Max Flow: 7 GPM / 26.5 LPM
Max Head: 18.6 FT / 4.1 M
Power: 1/8 HP (.125 HP)
Electrical: 115V 50/60HZ, 1.4A  (in practice we measured only 1.1A)
55" cord with non-locking plug is standard
Max liquid temperature: 250° F
Weight: 7 lbs
Materials are FDA Food Compliant
Cerifications: Components are UL Recognized
TEFC (Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled) Motor
Chugger Max contains sealed bearings. No oil necessary.
Pump is not self priming. DO NOT RUN DRY!

Datasheet & Dimensional Drawings (398Kb PDF)


Manufacturer Limited Warranty

Chugger Pumps are warranted only against defects in workmanship for a period of 6 months from the date of purchase. DO NOT RUN THE PUMP DRY, it will not be covered under warranty. 

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