Convoluted counterflow chiller (1.5" Tri-clamp fittings, 1/2" BSP/NPT water hose connections)


We use and recommend a counterflow chiller over immersion chillers and plate chillers as we feel they are the best compromise between performance and ease of cleaning while minimizing limitations on how or what you can brew. With a counterflow chiller small portions of wort are chilled instantaneously from boiling to yeast pitching temperature. This locks in hop flavour and aroma and limits excessive dimethyl sulfides (DMS) which can cause a 'cooked corn' taste and aroma in beer. It also helps ensure that cold break comes out of solution eliminating 'chill haze' issues once the beer is refrigerated for serving.

For more information and recommended fittings / attachments, see our Wort Chiller guide.

Mounting bracket pre-installed (4mm mounting holes).



Material: 304 stainless steel
Wort line:
 30 feet, 1/2" ID
Water line: 29.5 feet
Wort connections: 1.5" Tri-Clamp
Water connections: 1/2" male BSPT. At 1/2" size BSP and NPT have 14 threads per inch and have only a slightly different pitch (60 vs 55) so they will mate up quite well for low pressure water systems such as our usage here. Use PTFE / Telfon™ tape.
Weight: 18 lbs

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